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Saturday, March 26, 2005


A Few Random Thoughts - VII

- Democrats are 'Godless people.' For those Dems who praise God on Sunday, they curse him on Election Day.

- I am so glad my sister did not consider aborting her first son. I could not imagine going through life saying "What if?" It is sad that so many do.

- Political correctness kills. And liberals are pissed that 'God' was instrumental in the capture of the Atlanta courthouse killer Brian Nichols.

- Liberals will never leave their jobs for "family reasons."

- The U.S. Constitution is not a 'living document.'

- The NY Times is just now figuring out that there were WMDs in Iraq.

- In combat, politics does not matter. The man next to you matters.

- Liberal judges are 'sloppy constructionist,' and are not suppose to engage in public policy.

- MoveOn.org is the Michael Schiavo of the Democratic Party.

- Liberalism kills.

- Liberals crave all kinds of death except 'death in battle.'

Dude, I'm now a proud member of the temperance movement expect for a little nip every now and then.

It is precisely the drink that has kept me blind to liberalism all these years.

I have woke from the bad dream of liberalism, and I will never fall asleep again.

I used to believe abortion was OK because the baby would have been exposed to a terrible life. But was I wrong.

I used to believe euthanasia was OK until I realized it cheapened life.

No sir, it is liberals that are on the ledge, and soon they will be jumping as if they were margined investors in October 1929.
"I'm now a proud member of the temperance movement expect (sic) for a little nip every now and then."

Umm...isn't that like saying "I'm an Orthodox Jew, but every once in a while I enjoy some bacon"?
Oh hell, even the cops during prohibition drank. And they were suppose to be the enforcers.

What's one beer every month or two.
sorry pal,...
it's a disease which afflicts morons.

you are a dumbass
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