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Saturday, March 12, 2005


A Few Random Thoughts - VI

- Conservatism is about 'freedom' and 'liberty'. Liberalism is about 'schadenfreude' and 'intellectual slavery.'

- Liberals, ask any African American today "If you had a chance to save your slave ancestor from making the 'Middle Passage' would you have done so?" You may be surprised with the answer.

- Great uses for the UH Daily Cougar newspaper if it doesn't make you puke up on it: use it as a rain shield when you forget your umbrella; paper mache for your crafts projects; use it as toilet paper (as a last resort); or use it as filler for a round file.

- The United Nations are nothing but a bunch of 'freedom hating appeasement monkeys.'

- Liberals can never acknowledge a Conservatives 'good deed.'

- If liberals were in charge, Afghanistan would still be ruled by the Taliban, Iraq would still have Hussein, Saudi's would not have voted, Syria would still have an iron fist over Lebanon, and the world woundn't be a better place.

- I am thrilled more African Americans are using laptops in their classes.

- There will be a Conservative black or woman President within eight years.

- Since the Democrats don't have any plans the only thing they can do is bash Bush. Democrats have got nothing.

- The liberals of the 1960s tipped over the 'melting pot,' thus quashing the immigrant spirit to become American.

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