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Monday, March 14, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism (NOW PAC political alert on 'abortion being aborted' by the Dems)

The UH Liberal Haters mole at the National Organization for Women forwarded a disturbing e-mail from Kim Gandy, the chief "Nag" of the NAGs PAC. In her e-mail to the growing ever fewer NAGs she in no uncertain terms confirmed that the Democratic Party is dying and that NOW is indeed losing its grip on its number one issue -- the right for a living fetus to be sucked from the womb of its live-giver.

Gandy, who was recently sent a salad spinner by Rush Limbaugh in celebration of Fidel Castro's decision to subsidize the purchase of rice cookers to all Cuban woman, said in her e-mail that the disturbing news that "some Democratic leaders are actively recruiting anti-abortion candidates and forcing out pro-choice Democrats!" Why how shocking, the liberals are starting to eat their own!

Gandy was adamant that "feminists and progressives must speak out to stop the Democratic Party from becoming 'Republican-lite' on women's issues and undermining its own women candidates." Gandy goes on to hail the snuffed-out Senatorial candidacy of Barbara Hafer, "a strong advocate for reproductive rights and was the frontrunner to take on extremist Republican incumbent Rick Santorum in the 2006 Pennsylvania Senate."

Hafer was "forced out of the race by Democratic leaders and consultants in favor of an anti-abortion candidate they recruited." The liberals in an attempt to look 'less-liberal' picked a "leading anti-abortion, anti-women's rights and anti-gay" candidate. Completely opposite of what the Democrat Party stands for.

Gandy went on to blame a plethora of liberals for trying to save their party such as PA Gov. Ed Rendell, NY Sen. Charles Schumer, and other political consultants who supported the move for an anti-abortion candidate to run against Santorum.

Gandy tried to label the double-cross as a "random act" calling it a "calculated effort by [Democratic] party leaders to build a so-called 'bigger tent' at the expense of women's rights." Gandy noted that the trend is growing such as in Rhode Island where "Schumer and [other] national Democratic leaders" have done their dirty work in convincing anti-abortion candidates to run in state primaries.

Gandy, whose e-mail is equivalent to her nightmare of embracing motherhood, made no bones about the fact that "if we (the Dems) don't stop this losing strategy now [of supporting fetal life choice], they'll use it again and again, [and pretty soon we'll be dead as a party]."

Incredibly, Gandy said "We deserve better than this," in reference to NOW being dissed by the Democrats as if they were an old 'ho' being replaced in exchange for new ideas by the old 'pimp' on the block. She still proclaimed the vast legions of women are loyal to the Democratic party and maintained that it will be devastating to NOW "if both major" parties are against "women rights" to kill viable human beings in the womb.

Screw the libs!

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