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Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism (ANWR drilling needed to save the economy; Libs don't understand)

The Senate's vote today to keep moving towards the goal of drilling in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) was heralded as "a setback" by the environmentalist whackos who want to see $3 per gallon gasoline and $70 per barrel oil.

Conservationists will never yield one leaf when it comes to the environment, so it is best to just ignore them. Honestly, the things that some of these loons do makes one wonder if they are using their love of the environment a mask for their mental illness. (Believe me, the liberals at UH use their liberal causes as a guise to keep from being a patient of the UH
Counseling and Psychological Services.)

Rodger Schlickeisen, the president of the
Defenders of Wildlife, who wants $6 per gallon gasoline like his British and French brethen said of the Senates decision in a recent interview, "They may have cleared the first hurdle by the skin of their teeth, but this thing isn't over, not by a long shot."

Schlickeisen, whose family
HUMMER is registered in his brother's wife's maiden name, also said. "Every step they take from here on out will just get harder. And because drilling supporters had such a tough time with the first move, we're energized to fight that much harder to make sure that, at the end of the day, [][ten] American people get their way and the Arctic Refuge remains protected."

Efforts were made by liberal Senators to stop the drilling. Senator Maria Cantwell's (D-WA) effort was drowned as if she were a young girls face at a Bukkake party. "This is a tough vote for us to swallow," Schlickeisen said not commenting on Cantwell's swallowing, "but [][ten] American people have said all along that they're opposed to Arctic Refuge drilling, and Congress is about to find out just how angry they can get."

Liberals don't know what they are talking about when it comes to Alaska. We are only talking about a few thousand acres out of 19.5 million acres of the total reserve, and liberals are going nuts. That's a lot of zeros behind 19.5 for those of you in PGH.

I've been to Alaska on multiple occassions since I have family that live in several spots around the state. Unlike liberals, I have been to locations in Alaska that if you got sick and transport by foot was the only way out -- you would die. I have been on the Alaskan plains that where you can look in all directions and see nothing; not a tree, but an occassional caribou, which is exactly what the situation is with ANWR. It is a very lonely place even if you are with some people.

A few thousand acres of drilling area out of millions of acres of wildlife refuge by far doesn't make an environmental disaster, and liberals are gullible if they think that America is going to be destroyed by this. How high does the price of oil for liberals to take action? Are their organic vegetables have to double in price before they admit that something needs to be done?

The United States needs a commitment to drilling for oil of its own resources. It is obvious that we cannot go on the way of the Dodo bird because the price of oil will continue to rise and would very soon really start to hurt not only our economy, but the economies of other nations around the world.

With China and India coming on-line, the world is only going to demand more oil which will increase its price, and America will be derelict in its duty if they fail to provide protection for the safeguard of the economy. We are duty bound to drill in ANWR and other areas along America's coastlines. We are duty bound to build more refineries to process that oil.

The liberals holding back of American drilling is starting to bite us in the butt. If the price of oil continues upward, more Americans will find themselves out of work and the price of goods will skyrocket simply because of transport cost alone. Why do you think that goods in Alaska cost so much, because everything must be transported in.

OPEC has tried to quell the upward price of oil simply to maintain their profit margins. OPECs smart; they know that if the price goes up to far their customers will start looking for other sources of oil, even if their customers have to start drilling for it themselves. Now with OPEC nearing their limits of current production, and with America having untapped reserves that dwarf the large reserves of the Saudis, the story is far from over.

From a consumers perspective I have a diesel motorhome. With diesel currently over $2 per gallon I am not really planning on any out-of-state trips until diesel drops to near $1.50 per gallon. Of course, I'll take shorter trips, but even those trips may nullify the cost I would have saved over using a hotel room.

Now I know that not everyone has a diesel motorhome like I do. But even a family of four that travels by car and uses a hotel room will find higher prices, and might even be priced out of an extra day or two of fun-filled vacation. Is that fair to that family who would like to stay an extra day or two but can't afford it, just because the liberals won't let us solve our own oil supply problems.

Liberals complain that the herds of caribou in ANWR will be affected. Yeah, drilling will have an effect on the caribou -- they will flourish. It is common knowledge that drilling on Alaska's North Slope and the associated Alaska pipeline have provided heat and passion for the caribou males and females to procreate.

Think about it, gay caribou would have all died out by now, but because we cared enough to go to that desolate place and drill the wildlife are thriving.

Besides all the things I have mentioned, proper national security dictates that we rely more on ourselves for oil and not foreign sources. The thought that future demand is not going to go up and prices will remain stable is ludicrous. Companies have learned and are learning about the importance of maintaining the environment in regards to their work areas, and it is the environmentalist whackos who are interested in is destroying free enterprise. And all arguments that have business and the environment melding in harmony are conveniently ignored by the liberals.

The weeks of oil being priced above $50 a barrel is trying on the economy, and it does take it toll on the economy. It may not be today, or tomorrow, but in time the cost of high oil will causes layoffs or keep you from a night out on the town. Whose to blame. Liberals, get that mirror out and stare at it.

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