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Thursday, March 31, 2005


Terri Schiavo passed away this morning (Expect big smiles from the liberals at UH today)

Terri Schiavo - (December 3, 1963 - March 31, 2005) - an innocent victim of liberal supported and judical sanctioned murder.

Terri Schiavo passed away this morning a little after 8 a.m. Houston time, after being denied her religious right to communion and being shut out by her worthless husband Michael to all blood familial ties for her last remaining hours as of 12:00 a.m. last night. I wouldn't be surprised if the morphine drip was dramatically increased between midnight last night and nine o'clock this morning when she finally passed. Hell, my grandmother, whose slow death I protested and had no control over, took 19 days, and she was an old woman.

May God Bless Terri Schiavo and damn those liberals, judges, and Michael Schiavo who supported Terri's death. Giugi Carminati, Justin Vann, and the UH Daily Cougar liberals should really feel proud of themselves. They got their wish -- they finally won. But an innocent woman had to die. They would feel ashamed of themselves if they had conscious's.

I wonder if they will start that committee to select UH wheelchair bound students to 'Schiavo' on Butler Plaza each week. The question is who will chair it? We know that Justin euthanized that hamster as a teen, but rumor has it that Giugi just aborted her fourth fetus the other week, so that will be a tough call.

One thing I do know is that Terri's death will not be forgotten, and you liberals just scared the hell out of 30,000 other people in America that are on a feeding tube and "aren't all there."

And don't even think about pulling the Pope's feeding tube.

Schiavo the libs!

Wednesday, March 30, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Giugi Carminati 'Ever the Eichmann' (Says screw Schiavo, she won't be around in 20 years)

Even before I had a chance to post the true meat of my rebuttal to Giugi Carminati's crock today I had two comments just from my teaser I posted at lunch time from "smart" UH students who know tripe when they see it in the DC, and especially when it oozes from Giugi Carminati. One comment said "She is by far the worst columnist on the Cougar. Whenever I see her name, I just turn the page. I know it's going to be a bunch of pointless crap." The other comment was just as bewildered saying by Giugi saying "What was her column about? She had like 10 different ideas, with NO facts to support them... Was it about Terri? Bush? Alaska? Social Security?... That piece was really bad. Who uses !'s anyway? That is a sign of a bad writer." And this was still midday.

It's late evening now, and after fighting network card problems all day, of which I just recovered, I will take time out of my busy study schedule to to address the malodorous pride of the Honors College, Giugi Carminati, who can do the world a favor, put a forty-five to her noggin and 'Schiavo herself.'

In Carminati's tripe today "Don't let President pull the wool over your eyes," Carminati thinks she's a member of congress and attaches meaningless riders onto the 'bill of Terri Schiavo's life' by adding on Social Security, the UN, Bush and Clinton into her worthless comments aimed at convincing the weak minded UH student that 'life comes in fifth place' in this day and age. Obviously she must be aiming at a federal constituency, since in Texas you cannot add riders to bills -- its justs a waste of time, just like anyone reading Giugi's comments today. (Please God let Texas grow more Republican so Giugi will have to move to San Francisco to get elected as dogcatcher.)

Carminati should be arrested by the fact police for the trees she killed today. Where is the Sierra Club when you need them? Did you notice that you had to really look to find Carminati's paltry prose today with it being huddled deep inside the Frontier Fiesta Gazette. I'm debating if this was Jason Poland's idea to place her column in the midst of the party schedule or if it was dumb luck that mandated its placement. I've leaning 'dumb luck' considering the degenerate incompetence the DC office maintains.

Carminati doesn't even bait the reader today, she just marches in lockstep stating "Congress [was] overstepping its boundaries to force a federal court to hear the case." Carminati like most liberals, expresses no compassion for the family of Terri Schiavo, and bluntly lets Terri's family know that "the case has been publicized beyond reason." Carminati would have made a great 'camp host' at Auschwitz, by welcoming the Jews to their new camp and ushering them to their bath and disenfection. Then lovingly pouring in the 'Zyklon-B' which leads to a slow painfully torturous death (sort of like removing someone's feeding tube.)

Carminati convienently hides behind the law because "the law is clear as to what limits there are, who has the right to do what and how the courts are to handle the situation." No, instead of doing the right thing and respecting life or calling for a reversal of the lower courts decision, Carminati reassures the UH weak minded student stating don't worry "this happens every day." This made me think for a quick second of Logan's Run (1976) starring Michael York and Jenny Agutter in which everyone lives perfect lives now until they turn the age of 30 and meet a fiery death in Carrousel, which is the eventual incremental goal of the liberals.

Carminati is like a bartender in her tripe today as she mixes a Long Island Ice Tea of liberalism for us. The smart UH students avoid it, except me of course who faithful reads the tripe to serve you in this posting, but those UH weak minded that drink it in 'and actually believe it' are drunk with liberalism. She tries to water down the real issue of Schiavo's life by interjecting her top 'special 'issues actually giving them more significance than human life itself. Why if this were 1819 Georgia I'd use the "rule of thumb" law, get a switch, and beat the heck out of Giugi -- she deserves it.

Carminati had the audacity to compare Clinton's 'Desert Fox' campaign of December 1998 campaign with "Schiavo under Bush" by reasoning that presidents "faced with uncomfortable situations, have often used diversionary tactics," which is absolutely ridiculous in the case of President Bush.

In December 1998, Clinton lauched Desert Fox as a direct action to delay or have Congress somehow forget about his approaching impeachment:

"The House of Representatives had been scheduled to convene on Thursday, December 17, to begin considering the four articles of impeachment. However, on Wednesday, President Clinton ordered a series of military air strikes against Iraq, following the failure of Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein to comply with U.N. weapons inspectors. Clinton's timing drew an immediate chorus of criticism from Republicans, including Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott who stated: "I cannot support this military action in the Persian Gulf at this time. Both the timing and the policy are subject to question.""
"The President defended his timing when asked by a White House reporter if the attack was an attempt to avoid the impeachment vote in Congress. "I don't think any serious person would believe that any President would do such a thing." (RealAudio :24).

For me and smart UH students to honestly believe that Bush is somehow trying to use Schiavo as diversionary tactics is utter poppycock.

Carminati continues her bilge by lumping in Social Security privitization as a "bad idea" and by the way the "Washington Post and ABC [polls] show that 56 percent of Americans do not approve of the idea, and that number has been going up" because America's weak minded are falling for the liberal media's tripe. One can imagine Carminati (who has never paid into Social Security) as saying, "Hurry up and get that bitch Schiavo dead and off the front pages." Killing Social Security privitazation "is something our nation's attention should be turned [back] to." She is that hateful.

In regards to Republican Senators and the 'nuclear option' of nominating federal judges, Carminati damn near quotes the MoveOnPAC website word-for-word, so its automatically assumed her facts are wrong. The 'nuclear option', which Carminati and the liberals are playing as an 'abortion of justice' is nothing more than a majority vote (an up or down vote) on judicial nominees, which would effectively restrict the use of the filibuster in order to push through nominations. The Constitution does not called for a supermajority in approving judges, of which there are only seven instances in the document. That is what really has been happening for 200 years minus the last four in which the liberals have been filibustering.

Smart UH students pass this along to those weak minded UHers. The activist federal judiciary are Carminati's and the liberals public policy setters. They know they can't win in Congress because their politics are far left, so they turn to unelected unaccountable activist judges to do their liberal dirtywork. That's why Carminati's "snug as a bug in a rug" over Schiavo, and is already chilling the champagne for when Terri dies. Be looking for Giugi on campus on the day Terri Schiavo passes -- she will have a grin as 'big as Texas.'

Carminati shamelessly continues with the 'nuclear option' stating "if the majority party outlaws the legally guaranteed tools that the opposition party has to do its job, what are we left with? Can you spell "o-n-e p-a-r-t-y s-t-a-t-e"? I thought that single parties were what we did not like -- Such as Cuba, Iraq and the U.S.S.R.!" Well, as one who has actually been in a communist country and dealt with the 'evil empire' they seemed pretty capitalist to me. Carminati's vision of a one-party rule will eventually come true if the Democrats continue to implode as if they were that lucky guy that won tickets on the maiden voyage of the Titanic.

Carminati continues her tripe by trying to compare congresses recently opening up of "Alaska for drilling," which she surmises that "Bush's oil industry friends all think those campaign contributions were an excellent investment." And continues to complain "did you even know about it?"
Well 'No' Carminati would say, because "THAT BITCH SCHIAVO HASN'T DIED," one could imagine her yelling out. She's hogging the headlines, and the liberal message is not getting out. Next thing you know, they'll be calling for abortions in the 163rd trimester, which would have automatically ended Schaivo's life.

In reading Carminati's tripe, you begin to wonder how the hell does she sleep at night. Does she have a conscious? Does she dream of someday being a judge and ordering someones death, or does she dream of taking the place of Monica Lewinsky and getting the DNA stain on her blue dress.

Carminati's is despicable when she includes the Freedom Hating Appeasement Monkeys (UN) 'oil-for-food' scandal. She lowers herself so far she might as well be a prostitute for the skank she is. She complains the "media give so little information on the situation that it's a wonder that everyone in the United States thinks Kofi Annan is guilty of something." Why? Because "THAT BITCH SCHIAVO ISN'T DEAD."

Incredibly Carminati, got it right that "Annan will probably not be found guilty of anything." Well hell, even Hitler would find himself 'not-guilty' if he investigated himself.

Carminati's defense of Kofi and Kojo Annan is abominable, and "before you utter a single word," she says, "look at the President and think for a moment," in which she tries to make the President look like the bad guy in all this. Of course Carminati does "not condoning the behavior" of the appeasement monkeys, "but I am saying it does happen, not only in the United Nations or the United States, although you should know that the United Nations has one of the strictest set of rules regarding nepotism; no member of a U.N. employee's family can apply for a job at the United Nations," but you can make a bundle on the side if your father happens to be Secretary-General of the 'Freedom Hating Appeasement Monkeys.'

In closing her worthless thoughts she noted "don't let anyone [especially THAT BITCH SCHIAVO WHO HASN'T DIED YET] divert your focus from acts of Congress." One can smell Carminati's loathing of Schiavo, and how "our country and our world are undergoing tremendous potential changes, which we ought to be paying attention to."

Carminati is so 'Vichy-liberal,' she's always collaborating with America's enemies in a treasonous fashion with the aim of rueing the day against America. She doesn't care if Terri Schiavo lives or dies, she just wants her off the headlines because "in 20 years, you will be more affected by the privatization of Social Security or the drilling of Alaska than by her passing." Ladies and gentleman -- I think not. If Carminati is in charge, in 20 years -- if you get sick for three weeks -- you'll be 'Schiavoed'. For those of you who are weak minded -- euthanized.

The lies told in Carmaniti's tripe today reminded me of her sex commentary she did recently. If Carminati can so easily lie to you and me, what's to stop her from telling her inventive husband the lie, "Honey, you're the world's greatest lover."

Screw the libs!

Tuesday, March 29, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Victoria Morales needs more research on HB 3 (and HB 784 & HJR 35)

Just a quick note on the Victoria Morales column tackling the raising of state sales taxes. In her commentary today "Bill to up sales taxes will better schools," Morales does not address property tax caps. The caps must be passed along with the sales tax increase or else the average homeowner like me, will be pay more for property taxes in as little as two to three years.

Property taxes rise faster than wages, and many senior citizens are taxed out of their homes in their old age because their income is reduced while their taxes countinue to rise. Not to mention that many newlyweds are priced out of nice homes in great neighborhoods because of hideous property taxes, some which can reach over $5000 per year.

Something has got to be done and soon.

Gotta go, studying for a test.


High Fuel Prices - Already affecting the economy on the lowest levels

It just cost me over $31 to fill up my small economical truck. Thank you Wacko Environmentalists Liberals and that stupid Cougar environmentalist Morgan that UHLH rails about.
I loaned my hispanic girlfriend's father, a proud patriarch of his family $20 so he could get gas in his car so he could get to his job this past Monday. He was ashamed to ask his family for gas money as any head of household would be.
These gas prices are hurting my economy. To me $20 means something simply because I don't have that much money. I don't ask my parents for money like others do, they insist that I work and go to school for the simple aim of gaining responsibility, or else I'm out.
That $20 which I will insist not be paid back, just cost me two movies tickets, some popcorn, and a coke. (a night out with my girlfriend) Again thank you Wacko Environmentalists Liberals.

Monday, March 28, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Justin Vann 'Starts DC's incremental support of euthanasia' (UH Wheelchair Students to be euthanized in Butler Plaza soon)

I know I will make his day by addressing his column, but Justin Vann compares a Ferrari to a Yugo in his trying to justify the past weeks death issues. Tyler Nelson did an excellent job commenting on the Ten Commandments monument at the state capitol. And UH College Democrat officer Nick Somarkis' column may have been a bit to much for the UH weak minded student and could have waited till another day.

In his tripe today "News public is titillated by death," Justin Vann lumps all death issues (from Schiavo to the 70-year-old woman and the kid killer) from last week into one basket with the premise "if it bleeds, it leads" and like a gang banger after a drive by shooting, Vann does not stay to see the aftermath of the scene, and how it affects the true loved ones of those involved on the dying end.

Vann who euthanized one of his hamsters when he was a teenager, simply because the hamster had a better golf swing than he did, sees the "Terri Schiavo [case] [a]s slowly driving the country insane as she dies of starvation."

Vann sees no life involved in Schiavo, and maintains the "story bugs me because there really is no debate going on." Well when you have activist courts on your side and there is no debate in sight, especially when the main person on the enemy side (the one fighting for life) cannot talk and happens to be slowly dying by starvation.
Vann, who in time will more than likely be on the student committee to select UH Wheelchair Students to be euthanized in Butler Plaza, urges us not "to be fooled" by Schiavo because "nothing will come of this." Of course nothing came of the 1923 Beer Hall Putsch or of Roe vs. Wade. Did it?
Vann who theorizes that Americans fascination with these recently noted death cases "will have consequences" yet he refuses to offer any himself. Vann's silence in regards to Schiavo, along with the silence of the liberal organizations such as NOW and the ACLU is deafening.

Screw the libs!

Sunday, March 27, 2005


Happy Easter - Renewal of Conservative Baptismal Promises

Dear friends,
through the political mystery,
we have been buried with liberalism in all aspects of life,
so that we as conservatives may rise above the fray of all liberal influence.
Now that we have completed our Conservative political observance,
let us renew the promises we made at our conservative baptism
when we rejected Bill Clinton and his works,
and promised to serve the Conservative movement as one faithfully serves their church.

UHLH: Do you reject Bill Clinton as Satan's representative on Earth, father of modern liberalism, and prince of darkness to the fathers of young girls and women? All: I do.
UHLH: Do you reject Bill Clinton's works, his library and massage parlor? All: I do.
UHLH: Do you reject Bill Clinton's empty promises? All: I do.
UHLH: Do you reject Hillary Clinton as a false Senator from New York? All: I do.
UHLH: Do you reject Hillary Clinton's works, her unannounced bid for president, and her maintanence of an unhealthy personal relationship with Bill for political purposes? All: I do.
UHLH: Do you reject Hillary Clinton's empty promises of moving to the right on life issues? All: I do.
UHLH: Do you reject abortion as elimination of a viable human being and future contributor to the Social Security program? All: I do.
UHLH: Do you reject euthanasia as an easy disposal of life for the convienence of the living? All: I do.
UHLH: Do you reject homosexuality? All: I do.

UHLH: Do you reject affirmative action? All: I do.
UHLH: Do you reject same sex marriage? All: I do.
UHLH: Do you reject liberal lawyers and all the evil they stand for? All: I do.
UHLH: Do you reject the evils of liberalism herein not mentioned, and all that it stands for? All: I do.
UHLH: Do you reject the glamour of Hollywood, and refuse to be mastered by the sin it portrays? All: I do.
UHLH: Do you reject Al Franken and liberal talk radio, and their boring works, and empty promises? All: I do.
UHLH: Do you reject the liberal media with their slanted reporters, and their liberal slanted news stories and skewed poll numbers? All: I do.
UHLH: Do you reject Howard Dean and the Democratic Party, and all their works and empty promises? All: I do.
UHLH: Do you reject the Congressional Black Caucus and all other liberal caucuses not herein mentioned, and all their works and empty promises? All: I do.
UHLH: Do you reject liberal PACs such as
MoveOn.org, True Majority, EMILY's List, Godless Americans Political Action Committee,
National Organization for Women, Green Power, Pac for a Change, Great American Shout Out, and all other liberal PACs not herein mentioned? All: I do.
UHLH: Do you reject liberal militant environmental groups such as
Greenpeace, Sierra Club, Friends of the Earth, Earth First, and all militant environmental groups not herein mentioned? All: I do.

UHLH: Do you believe in the Conservative movement as more representative of God on Earth? All: I do.
UHLH: Do you believe in the leadership of Presidents Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, and their belief that freedom shall always reign. All: I do.
UHLH: Do you believe in the greatness of America and its influence on those countries that yearn for freedom and democracy. All: I do.

UHLH: Do you believe in Social Security Reform. All: I do.
UHLH: Do you believe in the appointment of Conservative judges? All: I do.
UHLH: Do you believe in true Conservative Talk Radio and the good news it puts forth? All: I do.
UHLH: Do you believe in Rush Limbaugh, Conservative Senators and Representatives, the spirit of Abraham Lincoln and the resurrection of true Republican power in Congress? All: I do.

God, the giver of Conservatism and the deliverer of George W. Bush in 2000,
has given Conservatives a new birth following eight years of debauchery in liberal politics.
May God keep Conservatives faithful to the goal of pursuing the true American rite of life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness. Amen.

Each year at Easter, Catholics renew their baptismal profession of faith, and here I thought it would be interesting to see how this would apply to Conservatives. A renewal of liberal baptismal promises to come later.

Saturday, March 26, 2005


A Few Random Thoughts - VII

- Democrats are 'Godless people.' For those Dems who praise God on Sunday, they curse him on Election Day.

- I am so glad my sister did not consider aborting her first son. I could not imagine going through life saying "What if?" It is sad that so many do.

- Political correctness kills. And liberals are pissed that 'God' was instrumental in the capture of the Atlanta courthouse killer Brian Nichols.

- Liberals will never leave their jobs for "family reasons."

- The U.S. Constitution is not a 'living document.'

- The NY Times is just now figuring out that there were WMDs in Iraq.

- In combat, politics does not matter. The man next to you matters.

- Liberal judges are 'sloppy constructionist,' and are not suppose to engage in public policy.

- MoveOn.org is the Michael Schiavo of the Democratic Party.

- Liberalism kills.

- Liberals crave all kinds of death except 'death in battle.'

Friday, March 25, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism (Killing of Schiavo lowers the value of life; incrementalism reigns to cover other categories)

With the Terri Schiavo case and all the talk over euthanasia in the past week or two, I got to thinking about if Schiavo dies, how will America value life in the next 10, 20, or 30 years.

If the liberals wish to emulate Adolf Hitler's involuntary euthanasia program that the Nazis instituted in 1939, the libs 2005 program needs to start with the permanently disabled such as they have commenced with Terri Schiavo. That's a good start. They can then have the retarded on-deck, then line up the elderly and infirmed as their part of the final solution.

Next, we can either go with homosexuals or the sick to involuntary euthanize. (Don't blame me about the homosexuals, this is Hitler's program you are emulating and you know how it goes with incrementalism.) Now I would recommend, but you dems can make up your own mind, that homosexuals be euthanized next since it can be argued that their 'condition' is perpetual, while anyone can get sick at anytime and be out for a period. For those homosexuals you deem "special" and don't want to euthanize, Hitler made his homosexuals wear 'pink triangles' on their clothes to identify them in society. I would recommend the same for the homosexuals you libs like and want to keep in society. For what benefit, I do not know, since you are going against Hitler's blessed program.

Now it might be a bit to much just to euthanize all the sick, because the economy might suffer a bit. Perhaps a liberal commission can be formed to come up with a time period on the limits of how long Americans can be sick before they are euthanized. I recommend maybe two to the weeks at the most, and then you libs can off them.

Of course this is a 'tongue in cheek' post, but the libs will probably take it for real. The Nazis were masters at the art of incrementalism, which allowed them to cook their Jews in a pot of slowly warming water. Who knows where America will be down the road in 10, 20, or 30 years if Terri Schiavo is allowed to die simply for the convienence of the living. But if Schiavo dies, it will be much worst off for the helpless than it is today.

Screw the libs!

Thursday, March 24, 2005


UH Daily Cougar PointCounterpoint: Euthanasia (Confusion reigns; isn't one side suppose to call for Schiavo's outright death)

In todays PointCounterpoint: Euthanasia "Complex issues muddle Schiavo debate," even the UH weak minded student would be expecting for one side to call for Terri Schiavo's outright death, but it is not to be found.

The case of Terri Schiavo is bent so far to the left in the liberal media, I'm betting that the Daily Cougar opinion editor Jason Poland purposely left out calling for her death out to avoid any controversy with the students 'rolling' around UH that are in the same semiconscious state as Schiavo. Hence the assignment of his lower lineup columnists for this PointCounterpoint who have more appreciation for life, than the others who walk UH with a 45 degree list to the left.

If Schiavo is allowed to die, are we going to start calling for UH students who are in wheelchairs and look as if they are in the same semiconscious state as Schiavo to be euthanized in Butler Plaza each week?

The Terri Schiavo case is not just about her fight for life, its also about 'aborting' those individuals in society who are not seen as optimal. That's just what the Nazis did and the liberals support it. No wonder the quadriplegic community is reeling from the spectacle being played out in Florida (thank you unelected unaccountable liberal judges.)

The similiarities between Nazi Germany dehumanizing the Jews, and our loving liberal media depersonalizing the Terri Schiavo case is frightening. And with the liberals loving use of incrementalism in this arena, the possibilities are unlimited. What's next, the killing of terminally ill cancer patients.


Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Presidential Precedent for Defying the Supreme Court

Professor Walther reported that Andrew Jackson and the The 1830 Indian Removal Act was one time in American History that the President went around the ruling of the Supreme Court. The Indians of the Southeast, primarily Georgia were targeted for removal to west of the Mississippi River in Indian Territory (present day Oklamhoma). The Indians sued in court and won the right to stay and farm, but President Jackson sent in the Army anyway under the guise that they were protecting the Indians. The removal started the Trail of Tears in which 1-in-4 Indians perished. Jackson was popular, and nothing ever came of his defiance of the Supremes. He was reelected for a second term.
There is precendence of the President of the United States defying the Supreme Court and surviving in office. Whether this gives Terri Schiavo any hope in her fight to remain alive remains yet to be seen.


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Giugi Carminati 'Hates Abstinence' (Compares sex to shopping for consumer goods)

I was bored with David Salinas tripe on the death penalty today. The topic has been beaten to death (no pun intended) this month already with pieces by Jason Richardson and Giugi Carminati in the Daily Cougar. Once again, Salinas does the liberal way and appeals to the UH weak minded students by invoking religion, this time even quoting scripture about 'vengeance,' which was a nice touch since it is 'Holy Week.'
In the Daily Cougar today
Giugi Carminati switches from teen killers who are 'not mature' enough in their decision making when they ruthlessly kill their victims, to sex, in which teens 'are mature' in every way, and are encouraged to look at sex as if they were buying an assortment pack of candy bars.

Carminati wants you to believe sex to be like Lay's potato chips, you can't stop with just one partner. To her, a minimum of twelve lovers over a lifetime (which I surpassed like at age 17) is fine, which she calls a "life-time membership pack," which is paving the way as a future contribution to the breakdown in society.

If the
Honors College condones the crap that Carminati is propagating then maybe its time their funding should be re-evaluated by UH and the state.

Carminati's tripe today "Sex and shoes: it's better to shop around," Carminati combines her two favorite things, sex and shopping, in her secular progressive aim to defeat abstinence and promote promiscuous behavior enough in young teens to save of all things -- capitalism.

Carminati, who is so smart that UH weak minded students would take her for an economist from the liberal Brookings Institute, theorizes that "abstinence cannot work" because the market cannot survive with "sex out of the market". She firmly believes that our markets would "cease being a capitalist society," if abstinence is not stopped. Excuse me question here; aren't liberals suppose to call for the destruction of capitalism?

Now Carminati's 'sex and shoes' theory is either so original or 'its stupid.' I checked my economic sources and the e-mails I got back were of the "she's crazy" nature. One of my buds at the Men's Club wrote me back with equal bewilderment and then promptly reminded me to come by the TMC for a "Strip It & Dip It" special they have on Mondays. (He still has not confirmed my theory that Giugi wears pasties in an alternative line of work.) In several keyword searches I tried to informally confirm Carminati's theory and found nothing that correlated to her crazy idea.

Carminati is crazy in her claim that "abstinence cannot work." I would hope than most UH students abstain from illegal drug use and heavy use of alcohol. For those who want to practice 'sexual abstinence' that's fine as well. Look, I'm no angel, and like Austin Powers I used to believe in "promiscuous unprotected sex with multiple partners" with no consequence, but those days are out the window if you want to live a long and prosperous life. For those minors who should not be sexually active I highly encourage sexual abstinence as all of us should. But with Carminati, you get the sense that she would support 12 year old girls being handed condoms by the handful in the classroom. I wonder how she will react when her daughter turns twelve? Will she submit to abstinence perhaps?

Carminati, who believes that "teaching abstinence only is teaching ignorance," does not believe that sex (I hope between a man and a woman) is primarily emotional and psychological, but instead is just a physical act of nature. She does not believe that sexual activity should lead to long term bonding between two individuals, which most of the time is linked to intimacy, love, and commitment -- generally qualities that are found within marriage.

Carminati hates the teaching of abstinence because it cuts down on teen sex, and supports marriage between a man and a woman. Abstinence teaches that early casual sex poses threats of pregnancy and the transmission of sexual diseases. In addition, abstinence supports intimate relationships between a man and a woman and no others.

Carminati is also distrustful of sex education as well, which teaches the so-called 'mature teens' about contraception and promptly encourages them to use it. No, with Carminati the social acceptance of casual teen sex and the encouragement to engage in such activity feeds right into her incremental plan and directly supports her lustful motivations.

Carminati baits the UH weak minded student with "the goal [] to find one partner with which to spend the rest of [their] lives" which comes after being lubed with idea of shopping sex as if it were "food, cars, clothes, shoes, accessories, [or] entertainment." She advocates looking 'under the hood' in regards to sex, with virtually no consequences; but does assign consequence to those who have only a few sex partners and if it doesn't work out (if they do happen to get married) "the only way out is divorce."

One can read into Carminati's sex life with the analogy of her habits of buying "swimsuits on sale without trying them on and cars without test-driving." Of course she'll take the risk while at the same time saying that she does not condone it for you (but you know that she has her fingers crossed.)

Incredibly, Carminati sees "sexual activity with protection" with "limited partners" as a more sound and a "more logical approach for our society than abstinence." This speaks volumes of Carminati's future view of society with plenty of teens and young twenty-somethings ready for sexual engagements at a moments notice. Now those lustful motivations are starting to become quite clear.

The destruction of abstinence teaching fits right into Carminati's planned relationship with her husband when the now attractive couple reaches their ever more wrinkling late 30s, 40s and 50s. There will be plenty of promiscuous PYTs around for the choosing to spice up their projected antiquated copulation activities. Can you say S-W-I-N-G-E-R-S.

Screw the libs!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Sarah Morgan 'Says NO to ANWR drilling' (Wants poor to pay higher prices for gas/food)

UH Daily Cougar columnist Sarah Morgan in the continuation of her 'Chicken Little Series' this time says the 'sky is falling' over the possibility of drilling in the Artic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. This liberal, who would find something bad to say about a 'bright shiny day,' is so depressing in her prose that she would make even the most optimistic person want to commit suicide.

In her tripe today "Artic refuge drilling not a solution," Morgan maintains "that drilling in the Artic will not solve our energy problems, and is not worth the effort." She refuses to embrace incrementalism in reference to solving America's energy problems, but its OK for liberals to use incrementalism to reduce smoking in society and increase the acceptance of gay marriage and euthanasia.

No, with Morgan, she wants a fix now, and if it can't be fixed now, it's time to go on to something else (back to the stone age perhaps.) One could imagine Morgan as being against any world effort to save the Earth should a meteor be sure to strike the planet (there would be to many VOCs emitted from the rockets and not to mention the nuclear bombs used to destroy the object. She doesn't look to the fact that the Earth would be destroyed anyway.)

Morgan, who is for Houston's poor paying higher gasoline prices to get to their jobs, and for them paying higher prices for less food, cares more about Alaska's "marine mammals including the bowhead whale, polar and grizzly bears and moose that live in the [Artic] refuge. She cares more about the "caribou, which use the land as a nursery," than the average poor kid on Houston's streets that goes on starving because of food being to expensive during to transport cost.

Morgan, who doesn't know moose from mousse, readily admits that she never has been to Alaska except for "a few episodes of Northern Exposure," which was actually filmed in the American northwest, believes its time for much more expensive "renewable energy" resources to come online. But the market will not support that for decades to come.

Unlike Morgan, "I've been to Alaska on multiple occassions since I have family that live in several spots around the state. Unlike liberals, I have been to locations in Alaska that if you got sick and transport by foot was the only way out -- you would die. I have been on the Alaskan plains that where you can look in all directions and see nothing; not a tree, but an occassional caribou, which is exactly what the situation is with ANWR. It is a very lonely place even if you are with some people."

Morgan can write about ANWR but she doesn't know a damn thing about the place. She doesn't mention that the caribou have a history of flourishing with other drilling and pipeline projects in Alaska. She doesn't mention that the current residents of ANWR might actually benefit from the civilization that will be coming to their area. She doesn't mention that she just found out that Alaska does not border Texas when she looked at the map.

Morgan is a minimalist. She is jealous of your ability to enjoy life. You are able to get to the state park faster than she would in her Yugo. You are able to travel in your own car to visit relatives in Dripping Springs, while she has to take the bus. You can afford a nice shelving system for your tomes, while she has to use cinder blocks and flat boards for her few books.

Morgan believes "we're moving in the wrong direction," when it comes to Americas energy woes, but it's actually Morgan who is moving in the wrong direction in life. Let her try wintering over in Nome, Alaska and she might just change her mind.

Screw the libs!

Monday, March 21, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Eddys give tacit approval of new Provost (the Dollar beats Diversity)

The UH Daily Cougar Editorial Staff today gave tacit approval of the new provost Donald J. Foss, a white guy, who is currently the dean of arts and sciences at Florida State University. Foss, who touted 'dollars' over 'diversity,' won the job because he has a history keeping university coffers flush with cash, which did not sit well the Daily Cougar editorial staff, who wanted a provost that supports a totally gay faculty and staff, free abortions for all poor UH students, and more inventive ways to seperate students and their parents from their money.

In today's editorial "Gogue picks a provost who can talk money," the Eddys leave themselves a backdoor on President Gogue's choice for No. 2 at UH by saying "time will tell if he's right for UH." One could get a sense of the nauseating smell that was emanating from the Daily Cougar editorial office as they realized that, "Oh my Bill and Hillary, the provost went to a white guy, and not a minority man or woman." My God (apology to the libs), where is the diversity in that.

The Bottom Line did not exude confidence in the Eddys as it would have printed if a 'diversity oozing' candidate had been chosen. They have put their eggs in the basket of "hate the white guy," against Foss who three years ago defended the free speech right of a dead Florida State tenured colleague whose study of genetic mechanisms somewhat supported the crazy idea that blacks are inferior to whites.

Oh don't hold back. Next thing you know the Asians will be superior to whites in mathematics.

Sunday, March 20, 2005


Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee, lousy with Constitutionality

The Friday before last, the University of Houston Law Center was visited by the U.S. Supreme Court's greatest waffler. As a matter of fact, if only John Kerry had managed to conquer the art of wetting one's finger before placing it in the air when determining right from wrong as well Sandra Day O'Connor, he might be president. Perhaps the greatest mistake of President Ronald Reagan's tenure in office, O'Connor is known for authoring the majority opinion in Grutter v. Bollinger that found that racial discrimination in university admissions does not violate the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution, while holding in Lawrence v. Texas that a law as applied banning gay sodomy did.

O'Connors speech at the Law Center was for the most part a canned routine of describing her life as a young unemployed lawyer trying to find work in a male-dominated profession. However, there was one interesting and relevant portion to her talk. During Q & A, Justice O'Connor was asked, in reference to Roper v. Simmons (holding that the death penalty for minors violated the 8th Amendment and was therefore unconstitutional based on "evolving notions of decency"), what role foreign law should play in determining the constitutionality of U.S. laws, if any. O'Connor's response was typical of what those familiar with the court have come to expect form its liberals: there are no absolutes. O'Connor answered that whenever there are laws in other countries or by the U.N. that speaks directly to the subject of the U.S. case, that then, the Supreme Court should heed it. When there is no foreign law on the subject matter, then the courts must sadly rely on only what the unwashed American masses have passed as law through their primitive representative democracy. Well, not exactly, but you get the idea.

Critics of this philosophy, including Justice Antonin Scalia, have asked how it can be determined if a law is consistent with the U.S. Constitution by looking to laws made by jurisdictions and governments not bound by our Constitution. O'Connor's answer would be that "international law is a help in our search for a more peaceful world". Oh really? As Scalia has pointed out, if you are citing foreign law that is non-binding authority, shouldn't you be citing ALL foreign law on the subject matter, and not just from the countries you agree with? You won't find the liberals on the court adopting Islamic law, South-Asian law, or South American law. But as critics point out, once you open up the U.S. Constitution for manipulation by jurists using foreign law, you let everything in. The Europeans might be "enlightened" when it comes to sodomy and the juvenile death penalty. But, as long as your are citing (and adopting) international law, should we not care how Taliban and Zimbabwe governments handle the same issues?

Determing U.S. law based on the will of despots, international bodies, and even other democracies, is still nothing more than a Supreme Court sympathetic to Kofi Annan and Jacques Chirac imposing their beliefs on Americans by fiat. As justice Scalia said after Roper v. Simmons, "If you think aficionados of a living Constitution want to bring you flexibility, think again. You think the death penalty is a good idea? Persuade your fellow citizens to adopt it. You want a right to abortion? Persuade your fellow citizens and enact it. That's flexibility. Why in the world would you have it interpreted by nine lawyers?"

Here's a cheer for Justice O'Connor and three more for judicial tyranny.


UH liberalism to Rear Its Ugly Head Again on 3/21

Starting on Monday, the UH Daily Cougar Staff and UH liberals will once again make another effort at keeping the UH weak minded students weak in their lethal pursuit of liberalism. They will:

- fight to remove George W. Bush from office and replace him with John Kerry as their fearful leader.

- fight for Saddam Hussein to be reinstated as the dictatorial president of Iraq with its rape and torture rooms.

- fight for Syria to regain the upper hand on Lebanon and keep freedom from flourishing.

- fight for the reversal of all democracy spreading across the Middle East.

- fight for more minority abortions so that white liberals can maintain control of the Democratic Party.

- fight for the immediate death of Terri Schiavo.

Hail to UH liberalism -- may it die the death of a 1000 aborted fetuses!

Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism (ANWR drilling needed to save the economy; Libs don't understand)

The Senate's vote today to keep moving towards the goal of drilling in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) was heralded as "a setback" by the environmentalist whackos who want to see $3 per gallon gasoline and $70 per barrel oil.

Conservationists will never yield one leaf when it comes to the environment, so it is best to just ignore them. Honestly, the things that some of these loons do makes one wonder if they are using their love of the environment a mask for their mental illness. (Believe me, the liberals at UH use their liberal causes as a guise to keep from being a patient of the UH
Counseling and Psychological Services.)

Rodger Schlickeisen, the president of the
Defenders of Wildlife, who wants $6 per gallon gasoline like his British and French brethen said of the Senates decision in a recent interview, "They may have cleared the first hurdle by the skin of their teeth, but this thing isn't over, not by a long shot."

Schlickeisen, whose family
HUMMER is registered in his brother's wife's maiden name, also said. "Every step they take from here on out will just get harder. And because drilling supporters had such a tough time with the first move, we're energized to fight that much harder to make sure that, at the end of the day, [][ten] American people get their way and the Arctic Refuge remains protected."

Efforts were made by liberal Senators to stop the drilling. Senator Maria Cantwell's (D-WA) effort was drowned as if she were a young girls face at a Bukkake party. "This is a tough vote for us to swallow," Schlickeisen said not commenting on Cantwell's swallowing, "but [][ten] American people have said all along that they're opposed to Arctic Refuge drilling, and Congress is about to find out just how angry they can get."

Liberals don't know what they are talking about when it comes to Alaska. We are only talking about a few thousand acres out of 19.5 million acres of the total reserve, and liberals are going nuts. That's a lot of zeros behind 19.5 for those of you in PGH.

I've been to Alaska on multiple occassions since I have family that live in several spots around the state. Unlike liberals, I have been to locations in Alaska that if you got sick and transport by foot was the only way out -- you would die. I have been on the Alaskan plains that where you can look in all directions and see nothing; not a tree, but an occassional caribou, which is exactly what the situation is with ANWR. It is a very lonely place even if you are with some people.

A few thousand acres of drilling area out of millions of acres of wildlife refuge by far doesn't make an environmental disaster, and liberals are gullible if they think that America is going to be destroyed by this. How high does the price of oil for liberals to take action? Are their organic vegetables have to double in price before they admit that something needs to be done?

The United States needs a commitment to drilling for oil of its own resources. It is obvious that we cannot go on the way of the Dodo bird because the price of oil will continue to rise and would very soon really start to hurt not only our economy, but the economies of other nations around the world.

With China and India coming on-line, the world is only going to demand more oil which will increase its price, and America will be derelict in its duty if they fail to provide protection for the safeguard of the economy. We are duty bound to drill in ANWR and other areas along America's coastlines. We are duty bound to build more refineries to process that oil.

The liberals holding back of American drilling is starting to bite us in the butt. If the price of oil continues upward, more Americans will find themselves out of work and the price of goods will skyrocket simply because of transport cost alone. Why do you think that goods in Alaska cost so much, because everything must be transported in.

OPEC has tried to quell the upward price of oil simply to maintain their profit margins. OPECs smart; they know that if the price goes up to far their customers will start looking for other sources of oil, even if their customers have to start drilling for it themselves. Now with OPEC nearing their limits of current production, and with America having untapped reserves that dwarf the large reserves of the Saudis, the story is far from over.

From a consumers perspective I have a diesel motorhome. With diesel currently over $2 per gallon I am not really planning on any out-of-state trips until diesel drops to near $1.50 per gallon. Of course, I'll take shorter trips, but even those trips may nullify the cost I would have saved over using a hotel room.

Now I know that not everyone has a diesel motorhome like I do. But even a family of four that travels by car and uses a hotel room will find higher prices, and might even be priced out of an extra day or two of fun-filled vacation. Is that fair to that family who would like to stay an extra day or two but can't afford it, just because the liberals won't let us solve our own oil supply problems.

Liberals complain that the herds of caribou in ANWR will be affected. Yeah, drilling will have an effect on the caribou -- they will flourish. It is common knowledge that drilling on Alaska's North Slope and the associated Alaska pipeline have provided heat and passion for the caribou males and females to procreate.

Think about it, gay caribou would have all died out by now, but because we cared enough to go to that desolate place and drill the wildlife are thriving.

Besides all the things I have mentioned, proper national security dictates that we rely more on ourselves for oil and not foreign sources. The thought that future demand is not going to go up and prices will remain stable is ludicrous. Companies have learned and are learning about the importance of maintaining the environment in regards to their work areas, and it is the environmentalist whackos who are interested in is destroying free enterprise. And all arguments that have business and the environment melding in harmony are conveniently ignored by the liberals.

The weeks of oil being priced above $50 a barrel is trying on the economy, and it does take it toll on the economy. It may not be today, or tomorrow, but in time the cost of high oil will causes layoffs or keep you from a night out on the town. Whose to blame. Liberals, get that mirror out and stare at it.

Monday, March 14, 2005


Attacking Non-UH liberalism (NOW PAC political alert on 'abortion being aborted' by the Dems)

The UH Liberal Haters mole at the National Organization for Women forwarded a disturbing e-mail from Kim Gandy, the chief "Nag" of the NAGs PAC. In her e-mail to the growing ever fewer NAGs she in no uncertain terms confirmed that the Democratic Party is dying and that NOW is indeed losing its grip on its number one issue -- the right for a living fetus to be sucked from the womb of its live-giver.

Gandy, who was recently sent a salad spinner by Rush Limbaugh in celebration of Fidel Castro's decision to subsidize the purchase of rice cookers to all Cuban woman, said in her e-mail that the disturbing news that "some Democratic leaders are actively recruiting anti-abortion candidates and forcing out pro-choice Democrats!" Why how shocking, the liberals are starting to eat their own!

Gandy was adamant that "feminists and progressives must speak out to stop the Democratic Party from becoming 'Republican-lite' on women's issues and undermining its own women candidates." Gandy goes on to hail the snuffed-out Senatorial candidacy of Barbara Hafer, "a strong advocate for reproductive rights and was the frontrunner to take on extremist Republican incumbent Rick Santorum in the 2006 Pennsylvania Senate."

Hafer was "forced out of the race by Democratic leaders and consultants in favor of an anti-abortion candidate they recruited." The liberals in an attempt to look 'less-liberal' picked a "leading anti-abortion, anti-women's rights and anti-gay" candidate. Completely opposite of what the Democrat Party stands for.

Gandy went on to blame a plethora of liberals for trying to save their party such as PA Gov. Ed Rendell, NY Sen. Charles Schumer, and other political consultants who supported the move for an anti-abortion candidate to run against Santorum.

Gandy tried to label the double-cross as a "random act" calling it a "calculated effort by [Democratic] party leaders to build a so-called 'bigger tent' at the expense of women's rights." Gandy noted that the trend is growing such as in Rhode Island where "Schumer and [other] national Democratic leaders" have done their dirty work in convincing anti-abortion candidates to run in state primaries.

Gandy, whose e-mail is equivalent to her nightmare of embracing motherhood, made no bones about the fact that "if we (the Dems) don't stop this losing strategy now [of supporting fetal life choice], they'll use it again and again, [and pretty soon we'll be dead as a party]."

Incredibly, Gandy said "We deserve better than this," in reference to NOW being dissed by the Democrats as if they were an old 'ho' being replaced in exchange for new ideas by the old 'pimp' on the block. She still proclaimed the vast legions of women are loyal to the Democratic party and maintained that it will be devastating to NOW "if both major" parties are against "women rights" to kill viable human beings in the womb.

Screw the libs!

Sunday, March 13, 2005


UH liberalism on hiatus

The liberals at the University of Houston insist that a week be taken off (March 14 - 18) so that weak minded UH girls can sign "Girls Gone Wild" contracts, and weak minded UH guys can explore their bi-curious sides.

Have a great Spring Break.

Saturday, March 12, 2005


A Few Random Thoughts - VI

- Conservatism is about 'freedom' and 'liberty'. Liberalism is about 'schadenfreude' and 'intellectual slavery.'

- Liberals, ask any African American today "If you had a chance to save your slave ancestor from making the 'Middle Passage' would you have done so?" You may be surprised with the answer.

- Great uses for the UH Daily Cougar newspaper if it doesn't make you puke up on it: use it as a rain shield when you forget your umbrella; paper mache for your crafts projects; use it as toilet paper (as a last resort); or use it as filler for a round file.

- The United Nations are nothing but a bunch of 'freedom hating appeasement monkeys.'

- Liberals can never acknowledge a Conservatives 'good deed.'

- If liberals were in charge, Afghanistan would still be ruled by the Taliban, Iraq would still have Hussein, Saudi's would not have voted, Syria would still have an iron fist over Lebanon, and the world woundn't be a better place.

- I am thrilled more African Americans are using laptops in their classes.

- There will be a Conservative black or woman President within eight years.

- Since the Democrats don't have any plans the only thing they can do is bash Bush. Democrats have got nothing.

- The liberals of the 1960s tipped over the 'melting pot,' thus quashing the immigrant spirit to become American.

Friday, March 11, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnists Explain Away Failed SGA Elections (Democrat Party is for sure dying)

The UH Daily Cougar Columnists today in a Friday forum on the opinion page showed their true colors as to why the Democratic Party is dying. Unless the issues directly affects them they do not care as to how government performs or who they want in office. In the run up to the SGA election I do not believe I saw any endorsements from the columnists, nor any real push to expose any issues.

In today's Friday Forum "Student voters have to ask," it asks the question of the columnists "Does student body president mean anything more than something to put on a resume?" With the University of Houston a microcosm of society, and the columnists a representation of their liberal colleagues in the "real" media, it's no wonder that the left sees no respect for the Office of the President, whether it be the President of the UH student body or the President of the United States.

A pull quote maintains the dilemma "After 1,387 votes were cast for SGA president, less than half of last year's results, students have to wonder if the position is important enough to care about." The University of Houston is a bastion of liberalism with over 30,000 students that I know of; we have internet voting; and we vote at least two days, and we still have a dismal vote that is an embarrassment if you ask me. How come an outrage has not been announced? Because liberals, unlike Conservatives, don't dis their own, except if you are a fat actress being dissed by NOW.

For Christ sake (my apologies to the Liberals) I know several professors with more students than the number of votes that were cast in this years election. UH has lost its pride, and although it will survive it will never return to the glory days of the 1940s - early 1980s. No, today we have trouble getting students to games, even with free hotdogs, and even if you have a chance to vote on the internet for SGA elections you won't exercise your right to vote.

The columnists can say the the SGA President's actions "are never published," they can complain about the lack of campaigning by the candidates, or they can't "list a single policy any president has ever set in place." It doesn't matter, they lack respect for the office and the people running for office. Until an SGA presidential candidate announces that students who apply for will receive 'free abortions at university expense' will the columnists perk up and take notice of the SGA.

I suspect that when the columnists finally leave UH, they will never look back and not become practicing members of the alumni. Typical libs, only out for themselves.

Screw the libs!

Thursday, March 10, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Giugi Carminati 'Continues Richardson's Worthless Theme' (Lynn Meyer 'Right On' with "... way off.")

"Instead of going after the makers of video games like 'Grand Theft Auto,' liberals defend teen killers "who know they can get away with it."" - UHLH 3/4/2005

In the ever use of incrementalism to sway the UH weak minded students that the death penalty is wrong, the UH Daily Cougar Opinion Column, which started off with 'children' in Jason Richardson's tripe, and now has progressed to 'minor' with Giugi Carminati's piece today. Pretty soon they will progress to 'adults' who will not be responsible for their actions and therefore not eligible for the death penalty. Whose to blame -- why 'you' of course.

In Carminati's tripe today "Minors not prepared for adulthood," Carminati continues the worthless theme started by Jason Richardson trying to bait the reader with all the things that 17-21 years olds can do legally, which I'm not concerned about. It's about the 'illegal things' they do that concerns me, but she neglects to mention.

Carminati rightly runs to Europe (BBC) for the American news that "227 juveniles were sentenced to death in 1976, but only 22 were executed," and of course she couldn't help but bash Texas by throwing in that "13 of [those executions] were in Texas." As one who has been interviewed by the BBC, I know that some European news companies cover American news better than most of the liberal rags around the country, and incredibly they are more fair and balanced.

Carminati asks the question in regards to teen legality, "What happens when a person turns 18 that makes him or her suddenly more responsible?" Sane people would normally be looking for the word 'parent' somewhere in the next paragraph, seeing as minors who act properly must have been influenced by some form of proper parenting or guardianship. No, with Carminati we get some complex honors college hogwash "that minors are precisely minors because they are not as capable of making independent decisions free of outside pressure." Parents who cannot control their teens peer pressure are just as guilty as the teens themselves, and liberals like Giugi fail to see that because those failed parents and even the loving kids are her future constituency.

Carminati maintains "that teenagers are treated like children until they turn 18," but like Richardson she conveniently forgets that when it comes to abortion teens are treated as 'mature adults' when they want a fetus sucked from their womb, fetuses that would have eventually contributed to the Social Security system.

Carminati goes on to state the "threat of a dire punishment does not teach individuals anything other than maybe fear." One can smell the residual stench of the old argument over 'corporal punishment' that now lets the inmates run the asylum of our schools (such as the fine secondary institutions of Yates, Sam Houston and Kashmere high schools), and Carminati does not believe that the death penalty should not to be used as a deterrent.

Incredibly, Carminati has a 'Valley-Girl' stroke of brilliance, like-hey "maybe it is time that we as adults take responsibility for minors, [like] for teaching them, [like] for coaching them and for treating them like (hers) adults before they reach 18." My God (I apologize to the liberals), isn't that what 'like' parents are suppose to be doing from the moment of birth of their future death penalty avoiders.

To Carminati "the law is not to be used a parenting tool," but it is the lack of proper parenting (which liberals support) that got us into this predicament in the first place.

Screw the libs!

Wednesday, March 09, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Justin Vann 'Loves being boinked from behind' (Hates Natural Procreation)

The UH Daily Cougar Opinion Page today submitted another effort to keep the UH weak minded students dependent on liberalism and so in supportive of their efforts to keep America's traditional family structure on its way to a "vegetative state." It is obvious that the Daily Cougar Staff wants you to be for gay marriage as seeing in their SpeakUP section today they had gay marriage 75% pro and 25% con.

In the tripe half of today's PointCounterpoint: GAY MARRIAGE, "
Is marriage for only man and wife?," Justin Vann baits the reader with sarcasm in his limp attempt to support "gay marriage to be legal in America." One can easily read that he would love to be the Jack MacFarland to any Will & Grace, and I can imagine him praying for gay marriage approval every night solely for the right to legally inherit his old gay lovers sizable fortune.

Incredibly, Vann invokes the "C" word claiming "the only argument against gay marriage that even comes close to making sense is the argument concerning Children." With liberals its always for the children, who they've politically raped for years.

Vann begins his assault on gays raising children by comparing them to "children of single parents" (definitely looking to blacks, latinos, and poor whites) who "are more prone to all kinds of bad stuff, like delinquency, poor grades and mental problems." He then lauches into a science barrage from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) who have been criticized in the past "because of alleged scientific faults," but to liberals like Vann he takes it for the gospel truth.

Vann noted the AAPs 2002 report that "a growing body of scientific literature demonstrates that children who grow up with one or two gay and/or lesbian parents fare as well in emotion, cognitive, social and sexual functioning as do children whose parents are heterosexual."

Vann, who looks to be the product of gay parents, proudly reported from the AAP report that "growing up with parents who are lesbian or may confer some advantages" for the children. (Of course gays see an advantage -- there is no bickering Mother-in-Law in the picture.)

Vann purposely waits till late in the article to admit that the science that he based his tripe on was not "from one huge study, but from an endless array of smaller studies." In effect its a lie, which is like saying that all the parents that were in the movie The Bird Cage were heterosexual. Yet Vann still maintains that "gay marriage doesn't hurt children anymore than heterosexual marriages do."

Vann continues to explain gay marriage as important and begs the reader to tears "why are we keeping children and [gay] parents from each other" in talking about gays adoption children stating "don't they deserve to be a family [too]."

Vann lastly blames heterosexuals for "banning gay marriage in the name of protecting the hopeless nebulous integrity of "family values" is creating more broken homes and unhappy children than it could ever possibly prevent." I suppose Vann sees the voters in 11 states (including Oregon) were are all wrong when they voted to ban gay marriage overwhelming.

Tyler Nelson, the Counterpoint to Vann's tripe, tears into Vann's argument as if he were Lex Steele on a young waif and ultimately drowns Vann's choice of lifestyle with a faceful of the 'spooge of truth.'

Vann, who doesn't know NAMBLA (The North American Man/Boy Love Association) from NAMBLAA (The North American Marlon Brando Look-Alike Association), doesn't recognize that once gay marriage is recognized (of course it never will be) that the notion will give way for other deviant behavior lifestyles confidence to start looking for credibility in the mainstream world.

Vann, if you are so for gay marriage -- move to France.

Screw the libs!

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