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Tuesday, February 22, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Sarah Morgan 'Ever the Activist' (Makes us feel guilty eating hamburgers)

UH Daily Cougar columnist Sarah Morgan is ever the activist as she 'cries wolf' in her commentary today begging gulible Americans to save the rainforest. This liberal embraces religion to help her cause, just as liberals embraced the 'glory of the Vietnam War' to help the failed Presidential cause of John Kerry in 2004. Both arguments have failed.

Morgan plays the part of 'Chicken Little' today with her tripe "Save the rainforest and save yourself," which plays on the sympathies of her readers to go all against things American in order to save the rainforest.

Morgan, who took the movie "The Day After Tomorrow" as 'gospel', baits the reader with her stirring story of a Nun who was killed when she was to trying stop mean evil loggers in the Brazilian Amazon from chopping down trees. The Nun, whose cause was to bring an end to deforestation, is now a cause that Morgan proudly calls her own.

Morgan, who just recently learned the difference between the 'Amazon' and 'Amazon.com,' actually believes that people will read her words and go to 'general quarters' in an attempt to stop the deforestation of the Amazon region, the "lungs of the Earth." She claims that 20% of the "1.6 million square miles" of rainforest have been lost to "development and farming," which may cause a re-immigration of Brazil's countryside, since "four million soccer fields" have been "cut or burned."

Morgan pleads her case that the Amazon provides its share of cures for disease, which is OK, but she is talking to the wrong people by writing her flatulence today. She insults the people she is wanting to rally, saying that allowing the destruction of the rainforest the cures that come out of the rainforest won't help the "fattest city." I suggest that Morgan organize a 'bra burning' or 'nude sit in', or wear a thong and bra outfit made of rope and leaves to class with a sign on her butt that says "SAVE THE RAINFOREST." That would get my attention.

Morgan is delusional if she actually believes that by sane people eating hamburgers, buying gasoline, or buying houses, we are enabling rainforest destruction. That was her futile attempt to making us feel bad by engaging in activities that contribute to our happiness but yet harm the rainforest. Well, Moon-Pie, I'm not buying your argument.

Morgan, who drives a blue Yugo in her personal attempt to save the world, was almost killed last week, when her car was almost ran over by an 18-wheeler on I-45. She claims the rates of rainforest destruction will be complete in 50 years. I remember the numbers in the '90s' when the numbers the wacko environmentalists were handing out said that the rainforest would have already been all chopped down by now, yet Morgan says only 20% have bought the dust. I trust the sovereign government that controls the Amazon will take measures to prevent a global disaster.

On the other hand, Morgan can be proactive and write letters to the Brazilian officials who can stop the carnage, include nude photos of herself promising sexual favors for stopping destruction of the rainforest, and see how far it can get her. If any of those officials think like President Clinton, she might be able to get somewhere. It's about time these looney activist sacrifice for once instead of demanding we all sacrifice.

Screw the libs!

Some people just want all the rest to be as miserable at they are.
On my next Whataburger I'm going to get extra mustard and extra onions.

I might even get a triple patty Whataburger to do my part in destroying the rainforest.
What giant douche bags, get the phucking car right.
WOW that was an effective post. The only thing the lib could come back with was the damn 'car' thing.

I know the bitch probably drives an SUV because her rich parents bought it for her.
I <3 UH Liberal Hater. Go Coogs!
I Love you too.
Not only do you not have ANY facts to back up your argument, but again you come off as an idiot (with all of your misspellings and such) and a pig (with all of your sexist comments). Sarah Morgan's article WAS, however, based on fact, whether you wish to admit it or not. So what if her article goes against "all things American"? Who says "all things American" are so goddamn great anyway? If our actions are not what is causing the destruction of the environment, then what is? You and your goddamn website are pissing me off so I am going to leave for now, but I am not finished here, THAT is for sure...
Giugi, now you now what its like to be a Conservative in a liberal dominated media world.
Damn, that girls comment makes me want to go out and chop down a tree. Later Amigo.
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