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Wednesday, February 16, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Nick Somarkis 'Deepthroating the small Liberal Kielbasa' (Calls reduction in rates of increase "Budget Cuts")

UH Daily Cougar columnist and UH College Democrat officer Nick Somarkis is delusional if he actually believes that the President's budget is packed with "severe cuts in spending on medicine for children, health care for veterans, environmental and labor initiatives and small business loans in his budget." The President has proposed a $2.57 trillion dollar budget, the most ever proposed, and we have liberals out there afraid 'that not enough money is being spent.'

In Somarkis' tripe today "Democrats: Fight for what's left," Somarkis continues to go back to the old Democrat playbook of calling the budget "reduction in the rates of increase" a "BUDGET CUT." (The budget funding still goes up, but not as fast as in the past. That's what liberals call BUDGET CUTS, because they did not get their EXPECTED spending for the new budget year.)

Somarkis, who would willingly take the kneeling place of Monica Lewinsky to service former President Bill Clinton, takes Bush to task for padding the bank accounts of the rich, and calls for Democrats to "stand their ground" so they can "save the United States from becoming a nation of ill children, abandoned veterans, forgotten farmers, and ignored poor."
(I can just imagine the smile on the opinion editor Jason Poland's face when he read Somarkis' "crock of shit," actually taking it seriously.)

Somarkis baits the reader with his first paragraph of the Democrats standing "united with the President after 9/11," 'well duh', who wouldn't stand with the President after the attacks. But I know when the Democrats stood behind the President they had their fingers crossed behind their backs. (They cannot stand supporting the President in any endeavor.)

Somarkis writes for the Democrat defense of higher education, elementary education, bad employers, which are all institutions controlled by liberals. OK, let me see, if liberal professors and administrators would voluntarily take a pay cut, just maybe the students (many of them minorities) can get their tuition rates lowered.

Somarkis is a classic example of a spoiled child (who parents never disciplined him) that will continue to pout over the liberals not being in charge of government. He doesn't even call for bipartisanship, but encourages the Democrats to fight even unto their deaths.

Screw the libs!

Tu es un bete cule et un tete de nude.
See how effective that post was.The liberals are so incensed when the truth is posted, they are reduced to degrading Me and my Mother in their comments (in Spanish no less).

This reaffirms my lifetime committment to not stop and help people in car trouble with Democratic bumper stickers on the back of their vehicles.
... the second comment was in french.
The french. (Holding my nose).

It has been a long time since I've been to Paris. All I could make out on the second comment was "You are ...," after that I did not care to further investigate a liberals stupid comments.

Anyway, screw the french.
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