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Wednesday, February 23, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist "Many Names" Carminati 'Apologizes for America ' (Blames You for Torturing Bad Guys)

UH Daily Cougar columnist and UH College Democrat officer Guigi Carminati is off her rocker this morning wanting to apologize for the United States and its 'dirty ways' in torturing the 'nice and ever so peaceful' members of Al-Qaeda who just want to kill every U.S. "freedom-loving" man and woman. I'm sure that the liberals wouldn't mind the killing of children, since all them are just "post term fetuses" that should have been aborted anyway.

In Carminati's tripe today "Torture by Americans not justified," Carminati 'compares apples and oranges' in trying to fool you into supporting her side of the argument by taking misplaced examples of past conflicts that have no meaning in today's world. Only a liberal could run to the battlefield kindnesses of Erwin Rommel "The Desert Fox," and point out his "respect for the Geneva Convention." Thankfully she pointed out that Rommel's Germany exterminated millions of Jews. Al-Qaeda, like the Nazi's, have little regard for Americans as the Nazi's had for the Jews.

Carminati, whose real name is longer than that of a Puerto Rican whores, conveniently forgets that Al-Qaeda does not follow by the rules of war. These people do not wear uniforms signifying they are with a group. These people go way beyond torture and just cut off the heads of their prisoners. She wants these terrorist to play by their own rules until they are caught, then when we have them in custody afford them the same courtesy that would be afforded a normal prisoner of war. That is simply outrageous, and makes as much sense as her fine body not being mentally undressed by legislators and staffers as she walked the halls of the Texas capital as an intern.

Carminati, who at first glance, you would think works at a strip club, believes "a prisoner of war is a prisoner of war." She puts more credence in the accounts of individuals who were tortured; certainly not the people whose heads have been chopped off, and definitely not those people who are under oath to protect her fine ass in time of war and peacetime.

Again, the growing trend of liberals running to religion to plead their case makes itself present, of which I do not have enough time to expound, but she calls for "the shame of being an American really comes from the lack of outrage at our government's actions."
Perhaps there is no outrage because no one in America is offended. Let me see, Al-Qaeda has cut off the heads of numerous Americans, and we are suppose to be worried about torturing some prisoners whose every waking thought is to find a way to kill us. Al-Qaeda after all killed thousands of Americans on 9/11.

If their is anyone to be blamed my Maria it is you. "Pull out" that mirror, and you "start pointing" at yourself.

Screw the libs!

How do you "Guigi" from all those damn names.
You won't believe it, but she actually has five names.
Wow, you are quite a sexist, chauvinistic pig, I must say. And all of your sexual references lead me to believe that you are simply not getting any. How sad and pathetic for you.
The sex is a bait, and you've been hooked.

Can you believe it that I'm actually interested in talking to the girl rather than just pointing the male end to the female oral opening?

As far as the chauvinistic pig thing, consider me the male version of Randi Rhodes.
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