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Thursday, February 24, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Derek Dickson slams the "Surrender Monkeys"

UH Daily Cougar Columnist Derek Dickson slams the French in his commentary "French cowards no allies of the US" with multiple body blows to the wimpy nation.

Dickson rightfully doesn't buy the French Ambassadors apology of the French people, because its way old news. We have saved the French many times in the past, and its going to take a major attack on French soil for them to take any steps in getting in on the fight against terrorism.

Perhaps one day they will come around.

French people stink and dont shave their pits.

I like hairless women.
They can keep their French fries, bread, and toast too.
UHLH, I noticed you didn't say 'French kissing'. I saw the lip lock you put on that girl in your vehicle.
The letter to the editor on Weds 2-3-05, is another pissed off lib...German major..go figure.

He totally looks past the fact the French can't call a terrorist group terrorists. It's sad
Liberals and the French are sad and disgraced people. Rep. Tom Lantos probably wonders why more disgraced liberals haven't had enough decency to commit suicide.
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