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Wednesday, February 02, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Derek Dickson and All Liberals (Don't Trust You With Your Own Social Security Money)

Any chance they get, liberals like Derek Dickson will always side with the bureaucratic government in saying that money that belongs to you actually does not belong to you. Dickson's tripe of the day, "Private accounts an unwise solution," baits the reader until the beginning of the fourth paragraph when he writes, "However," and he goes about his way trying to seperate you from your money.

Social Security was never intended to be a retirement program for the people anyway. Life expectantcy at the time of Social Security's inception was approximately 65 years, and guess when you were eligible to receive benefits?

Nobody during FDRs Administration could have imagined that life expectancy would be as high as it is today, nor do I think they even cared. Even if the program would have remained untouched, the average SS receipent would have a standard of living 2 to 3 times higher than they enjoy today.

I have confidence in the proposed private accounts associated with Social Security. As usual, scaremonger liberals like Derek Dickson, who probably hasn't even contributed to the Social Security cesspool, has been feed a load of crap by one of his liberal professors or what he heard on (the never will make a profit radio station) Air America, and is happily regurgitating what he learned. Dickson in no way offers anything original.

There is no doubt that Social Security is in need of an overhaul, and with the stock market never having a loss over any 20 year period, a viable alternative can be presented and approved for the future. Since the liberals depend on seniors and minorities for their votes, they are afraid of the greater power and personal liberties that future Social Security receipents would be in for with larger checks. The liberal idea has always kept the minorities (seeds) to the point were they didn't fall far from the tree of liberalism.
Private Social Security accounts is a windstorm that blows SEEDS far away from the tree of liberalism.

At the very least Social Security should be a supplement to a properly funded retirement account - the Social Security Administration and liberals do not stress that. We should all start saving for our retirements when we turn 18. I got my IRA when I turned of age, and I know for sure that I will be secure for the future.

Liberals like Derek Dickson and the Daily Cougar staff don't want you planning for your future. They only want you planning for the next party you plan to attend so you can go and blow your money on booze and broads, or get a girl pregnant and get her on welfare (or GOD forbid have an abortion.)

Go ahead and listen to Derek Dickson and his liberal allies, and you will be living in one-room government provided housing at age 65.
By allowing a little "pro-choice" in your financial future and siding with private social security accounts, you will be able to afford a nice yearly Carribbean or Alaskan cruise, and live a little life.

Screw the libs!

Youth are usually naive when it comes to finances.
I just saw the State of the Union and the President stuffed it in their liberals face.
I believe "W" gave a sincere speech to the country to-nite, and I think some things will get done. He really left the liberals "no-way" out by covering all his by citing previous liberal support for the programs he wants to make changes too -- mainly Social Security.

Any liberal that does not go along with him, may not make it through the next round of elections.
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