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Thursday, February 10, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist David Salinas "Crazy" as Howard Dean on the Campaign Trail

UH Daily Cougar Opinion Columnist David Salinas today addresses his concerns over the Howard Dean taking the donkey reigns at the Democratic National Committee. Salinas, in his tripe today "Republican catchphrases sell well," is afraid of "a complete Republican onslaught of the former Vermont governor," when Dean formally takes the reigns at the DNC.

Salinas is so misguided actually thinking that Howard Dean will be a target of the Republicans, just as he his hopeful of reviving the candidacy of John F. Kerry's failed presidential bid in his writings. It's laughable.

My dear David, as a Republican insider, I have priviledged information of a Republican Secret Weapon that they will be used to counter Howard Dean. This secret weapon is so effective that your wish of having Simon Rosenberg or Donnie Fowler, as the DNC chair may materialize in the next year or two.

The Republican secret weapon will aid the Democrats in bogging themselves down. It will force the Democrats to "vote against" a candidate rather than "vote for" a candidate. And once unleashed, the Republican secret weapon will be unstoppable in pursuing the destruction of Howard Dean and the Democratic Party.

What is the Republican secret weapon you say? What is the secret weapon that will force Democrats to use symbolism over substance. What is the Republican secret weapon against the DNC? I'll give you a hint -- his initials are HD.

Screw the libs!

Dean as DNC Chair will make it hard for the major media to report anything he says. When people see him, they think failed Presidential campaign and crazy man.
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