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Thursday, February 17, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Dante Eglin "Half-Way Correct" on Black History Month

UH Daily Cougar Opinion Columnist Dante Eglin wrote in his article today "Black history not just in February," which I feel is half-way correct when it comes to his 'month of honor.' I'm of the belief that Black History Month has proved its point, and should be scraped. Black History is American History, and we get a lot of it in our history classes now. I can attest to that.

As I wrote earlier this month, some Blacks are "tired of being 'pimped' out each February, and being seen as part of the 'invisible people' for the rest of the year." Its got to the point that some Blacks are refusing invitations to speak during Black History Month, because they feel they are being put on a pedestal during February only for being a Black person.

Eglin maintains "My problem is that too many blacks suddenly become culturally conscious at the end of January, and lose that newfound interest by the dawn of March." That's right, and if we scrap Black History Month, it would give more justification to look at Black History more on a yearly basis, rather than in the shortest month of the year. That's not being biased, I'm for scrapping National Hispanic Heritage Month as well. Shouldn't we all be Americans first, who just happen to be from an etnic background. I know I am.

Eglin takes precautions "to not overhype the event," and says he has received flack from "from fellow black people," who "bash" him when they discover his way of thinking. I'm hoping this is Eglin's way of starting to become American first, who just happens to be from African ethnicity.

Feb 6, 2005 9:39 AM

The Houston Chronicle ran a story on Feb 4th, "Prominent black speakers tire of February spotlight" that could start bringing the importance of Black History Month to another failed government program.


The HC story was about a Dallas County Commissioner, John Wiley Price, who recently spoke (Jan 31st) to a Dallas area middle school of 100 students. The students were mostly black, and Price noted that if he had been invited on February 1st he would have refused the invitation to speak out of disgust for Black History Month.

Commissioner Price is right. Black History Month cheapens Black History. BHM is a liberal program that is shoved down our throats every year, and once its gone no one wants to have anything to do with Blacks for the rest of the year.

Price is tired of being "pimped" out each February, and being seen as part of the "invisible people" for the rest of the year. He is absolutely right, and the trend being started by Black intellectuals is growing.

High-profile blacks who are celebrated are growing weary by being overwhelmed, but when March 1 hits, public interest in them drops dramatically.

Black History roots started in the 1920s with a week in February to observe the birthdays of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln. The founder had hoped when the observance could one day scraped because of BH being a part of American life.

BH is now part of American history, and should be scrapped.

When the current month of February celebration was expanded over 25 years ago, it has been nothing but non-stop black events at schools, black museums, historical sites, etc., and now its expanding to nothing to do with Black History.

Besides Commissioner Price, now scholars are also pegging Black History Month as those who "want to hear the same old thing."

Don't worry, Black History Month is not going away because it was established by an Act of Congress. Black History will continue to be cheapened because Black History will continued to be regarded as a "one month a year" program that will continued to be forced down our throats.

Screw the libs!

My former girlfriend is black and she hated the month of February. She just wanted to assimilate into society.
Your right Bro'. One day, they will assimilate.
Derek Dickson did not write that column.
Thanks Bro' for pointing out my original mistake. Unlike liberals, I've acknowledged my mistake and have corrected it, and will drive on.
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