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Monday, February 28, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Nick Somarkis doesn't believe you do your civic duty (Calls for "Election Holiday" to find enough Democrats to vote)

UH Daily Cougar columnist and UH College Democrat officer Nick Somarkis, ever the socialist, is pissed because his guy lost the 2004 Presidential election. So he is in support of Democrats changing the rules to give them a better advantage to cheat their way into the White House.

In Somarkis' tripe today "Election holiday reason to celebrate," Somarkis argues that Bush won a clear majority of votes, but not enough people voted for Kerry. (Of course the liberal never notes that Clinton in his two wins did not garner over 50% in either election). He notes 'in and around about way' that more people voted than ever before in the 2004 Presidential elections, but not enough people vote for Kerry.

So Somarkis and the liberals, in their way of subverting the will of the American people are in favor of changing the rules. Somarkis proudly noted the new proposed legislation of Senators Barbara Boxer, D - Calif., and Hillary Clinton, D - New York, called the Count Every Vote Act. The true name of the proposed legislation is the Count Only Democrat and NOT Republican Votes Act.

The bill would steal $500 million dollars that could go to tsunami relief or help seniors get more prescription drug benefits, instead voters would get "paper receipts" and require states to make changes in election law that would allow more Democrats to get elected.

Somarkis, who wears a goatee to hide his fat chin, notes that the "bill allows for ex-felons to vote", and makes "Election Day a federal holiday." The liberal bill "would help people who are unable to vote because of work and other reasons (such as 'pimping and hoing') to join the process." With Veterans Day and Thanksgiving Day already November holidays, the liberals want another day to take away from capitalism, and give them an unfair advantage in trying to win national elections. What's next, the liberals calling for the cancelling of Veterans Day to replace a national election day holiday?

Somarkis baits the reader by touting our forefathers saying "a U.S. election holiday would be a day when we would celebrate the freedom that our forefathers fought and died for so long ago." He conveniently forgets to mention the restrictions our forefathers imposed on potential voters who did not own land or happened to be negro. He runs to the examples of Australia, Mexico, Italy in their voting habits, just like any liberal judge would point out if there is no precendent in U.S. law.

Mexico, Somarkis reports, does not allow the sale of alcohol during the time of voting. I would think that this would hurt the Democrats chances since most of them would be to hungover to vote. What do you think happened this last election. All this "Rock the Vote" crap did not work because we were to busy 'partying' and never got around to voting.

Somarkis maintains "an election holiday would prevent any [Democrat] president from being elected without a real majority vote of the people." He like all the liberals evidentially doesn't believe that 50.73% of the popular vote does not make a clear majority. Even if they get their wish, the liberals can never guarantee that more people will vote anyway, unless they cheat as they usually do.

Screw the libs!

Liberals like this Nick character will twist and turn the facts to get their way.
I bet he's a great liberal pollster. He probably is still waiting for all the votes to be counted in Ohio.
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