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Monday, February 28, 2005


Social Security Story just another way of the UH Daily Cougar bashing Bush

UH Daily Cougar reporter Angela Stokes front page story today on Social Security Students weigh in on Bush's reforms, should have been the third opinion column today. Well at least the front page anyway. Stokes is correct that most students "agree that something should be done to help the system," but half the people she finds for quotes are total leftist.

Political science junior
Tony Jaqziir DuBois is in favor of reforming social security but is way naive when he says, "I don't think that (young people) will see a good investment return when we retire. Now I would venture to guess that DuBois does not have a broker, and just by doing some simple research one can find out that the NYSE has never lost money over a 20 year period.

Stokes blindly accepted the poll given in one of DuBois's polisci classes saying "three-fourths of the class didn't support the plan." Well I would say that we have a lot of stupid students on campus, unless they were appeasing the liberal professor.

Stokes herself needs to do more research herself before she writes a story. She actually thinks that the 6.2% that the employer uses to match an employees 6.2% in payroll tax actually goes into a Social Security fund. First off, the 6.2% of the employer matching funds would have been paid to the workers if the government had not gotten in the way in the first place, and second off, there is no Social Security Fund.

Philosophy sophomore Sandie Givey, thinks "Social Security will be fixed, but Bush won't come up with a plan that works." Well, young Sandie, if Bush doesn't get a plan approved don't be looking for the Democrats to come up with a fix. At least the President is trying, which is much more than any Democrats wants to try.

On Page 3 of the story, hotel and restaurant management freshman Sean Weiner, says its "a big gamble," who went on to say that "you could put all your money is one place, like stock, and get screwed." Again UH students expose their gullibility because it is crazy to put all your money in one basket when it investing. That's why so many at Enron got hurt because they did not wisely diversify their holdings. Many workers at Enron had everything they owned in Enron stock and it cost them their life savings.

The only people in the story with any sense were business sophomore Josh Owens, and PB business student
Vinay Bhosale.

The last of Bhosale's advice "is to start early and stick with it," of which he is very correct. It has been said before that the Social Security program is suppose to be a supplement to a properly funded retirement plan. Looking at this story by Stokes, you would think that social security is the only option we have as far as retirement is concerned.

Screw the libs!

Solving the social security question will take away the Democrats biggest issue. By solving the problem, they take away the Democrats power. Anyone with more money has more power, and have a less need for Democrats.
Anyone with a right mind has a less need for Democrats.
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