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Monday, February 14, 2005


Kudos to UH Daily Cougar Columnist Derek Dickson and Jason Richardson

I'm not feeling very well, but I wanted to posted something. Thankfully today's commentaries from Derek Dickson and Jason Richardson were positive, which made feel at ease.

Derek Dickson's "Evolution revolution hits public schools," goes into the old debate of Evolution vs. Creation. Thankfully he does not shove any side down our throats, and in the end supports the students making their own choices on what the believe as how man was created.

Jason Richardson's " Social Security worth the risky business," is right on target with his contribution today. He points out the less dependence on government angle which I am very supportive of, as well as the benefits of taking a chance for a greater reward when a person under 55 finally retires.


I've been up and down the Social Security issue, and those under 55 are very supportive of it. The only ones that are against it are those over 55 and liberals. The 55 and older crowd say they don't want their grandchildren taking "the risk," but its really because they are going to be jealous of someone getting more money than they are.

As for evolution vs. creation theory efforts to teach both should be made. Schools are so afraid to utter the word "God" because of possible law suits or because they might offend somebody.

As a teacher, I say "screw the schools." Don't be afraid of offending anyone. They weren't offended when they paddled or "popped" me when I was a little kid. No they look upon themselves with shame of the rightful things they did just 25 years ago.

Screw the libs!

Keep their feet to fire.
If they leave the fireside, they will be doused with water.
I am extremely disappointed with you. By contributing to UH Daily Cougar, they are selling out. You said so yourself. How can you say anything good about anything they write? Are you changing your views now? Are you turning liberal??!!??
No I'm not turning liberal Brother, and if I do, please slap me down.But if the dudes are saying what I feel is correct, I will cut them some slack, even if they write for the Cougar.

As long as they're angle is from the view I support. In addition, they must be consistent. I've mentioned before, you cannot write "left" one day and write "Right" the next.

Ronald Reagan represents the view that I come from. Once Reagan received a campaign donation from the "Log Cabin Republicans" (the gay Republicans), and his campaign was going to send the money back. Reagan said he was going to use the money, he didn't have to agree with their views, but they agreed with his views."
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