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Friday, February 11, 2005


'Geo-Green' Efforts Must be Competive but go ahead and Drill in ANWR NOW!

David Salinas' column today in the UH Daily Cougar was at least half-way agreeable to me. I agree Salinas on tapping the Alaskan ANWR oil reserves, and stepping away from the Middle East as a primary source for oil.

I do not agree with Salinas in stuffing hydrid vehicles down our throats. Hydrid vehicles are a choice for the consumer market to make and not for liberals like Salinas to decree on the masses.

I agree with the concept of 'geo-green', but until products become competitive or beat the price of current or existing supplies, the efforts are fruitless. There is no way that I'm going to pay 20% more for an environmentally friendly product when the traditional product is on sale for 10% off regular price.

Recently, I saw a story on Willie Nelson and biodiesel, which is a new type of diesel fuel that has vegetable oil as part of the fuel.

The newstory caught my eye because I have a vested interest in the price of diesel fuel since I am a young guy who happens to own his own motorhome. Each time I go to the diesel pump, I have to drop a minimum of $75 bucks. When I heard that biodiesel costs $0.50 more per gallon I was immediately turned off.

Look I'm all for saving the environment, because I have to breath the same air as liberals do, but asking everyone to pay more for the priviledge of saving the environment is a crock. Earth is self-cleaning environment, and man, especially liberal man, is arrogant to believe that we little Earthlings can be solely responsible for the destruction of the Earth.

If a destructive volcano like Mount Pinatubo can cause the Earth's temperature to drop a small percentage, and in the same time polute the Earth the same amount as man has done since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, I would saw we have nothing to worry about.

Screw the libs!

Those knotheads in Detroit can make fuel efficient cars if they want to, and with gas prices going higher, they better start making them.

I'm so much for Alaskan drilling, but it may be the norm someday.
Once the realization that gas prices will not go down, I think that more efficient engines will come along.
Gas prices can only go so high before the American public will react.
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