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Friday, February 18, 2005


Film Review - Aimee & Jaguar (1998)

I was surprised to see that the MD Anderson Library had a lesbian foreign film on the shelves, so I was intrigued to check out the chick flick. The German film "Aimee & Jaguar" is based on a true story of WWII Berlin that brings together two stunningly attractive leads, Lilly "Aimee" (Juliane Kohler) who plays the Nazi housewife, and Felice "Jaguar" (Maria Schrader) the German Jewish lesbian resistance leader who organizes the escape of certain lesbian Jews from Berlin, and is desperate to keep her religion, sexual orientation, and illegal activities a secret from the Gestapo.

Jaguar brings quivers to Aimee after her unstable husband is sent back to the front. The first love scene is brilliant and leaves the viewers wanting more. I was surprised with the story line. Once Jaguar becomes homeless due to Allied bombings she moves in the Aimee, and that's when the affair really begins.

The nudity with Jaguar and Jewish and German friends for the German soldiers at the front is a surprise, but once the session is completed, it is marred with the killing of one of her friends by the Gestapo. A beautiful fully make-uped, and not to mention au naturel Maria Schrader is an awesome specimen.

Over time Aimee becomes the sexual agressor & Jaguar, and Red-Blooded American males watching would become jealous of Aimee running her lips down Jaguar's naked back to her bare ass. The return of Aimee's delusional husband from the front ends most all the displays of lesbianism in the film. With the husband gone again, Aimee and Jaguar reconcile, even when Jaguar admits she is Jewish. In the end, Jaguar is apprehended by the Gestapo and is never seen again. Years later, Aimee runs into one of Jaguars friends at a retirement home, and the adventure is relived in her mind.

In checking out the film was based on a true story the true characters do not compare to Schrader and Kohler. I looked at the real Jaguar, or Felice, and she had a Jewish look about her. I'm surprised the real Jagaur lasted as long as she did.

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