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Saturday, February 05, 2005


A Few Random Thoughts - III

- Democrats who are "hoping to boost their party", can never rise by beating down others.

- The next democracy in the Arab world will be Iran.

- Devon, (the 10-year old boy) in Harry Reid's Democratic Response, does not exist.

- The Democrats always complain, but never offer any solutions to issues.

- Liberals "focus grouping" other liberals will always be a recipe for disaster.

- An intelligent and informed Democrat constituency is the death knell for Democrats.

- Liberals are afraid of our military because it makes them look like girlier "girly men".

- Liberalism survives on "gasps of air" and "sips of hope."

Liberals always have to open "my father was a goat herder or trashman" or something." Reid's Mom did Wash.
I know Obama's father was a goatherder; so is Harry's Mom doing Wash more downtrodden than goatherder?
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