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Sunday, February 06, 2005


Budweiser's Salute to the Military during the Superbowl Brought Me to Tears

For a liberal seeing it, the 2005 Third Quarter Superbowl Promo Ad from Budweiser (click on Specials/Super Bowl Ads/Anheuser-Busch of the soldier) honoring our military would not stir any emotions. But as for me, I felt I was in it.

For I and a small group of fellow soldiers (a long time ago) were once honored with an ovation in an airport from grateful bystanders as we walked or were wheeled thru in our Desert BDUs coming home from battle.

For Me and a whole lot of Veterans and their Families, the Budweiser commercial of returning American soldiers walking thru an airport in their desert uniforms, and the people standing and applauding them brought me to tears.
I had to leave the room complaining of something in my eye, and I wept. (Everyone in that room knew what was happening.)

No words were said in the Bud Promo. No need for them. The applause and gratitude of the bystanders told the whole story. (I must have watched the promo 50 times before writing this to-nite and I pray I do not have any nightmares).

I wept not for myself.
(My 4, soon to be 5 year old nephew followed me as I left the room and asked "what's wrong ****", and I said, "Well, a bunch of Uncle ****'s friends got hurt a long time ago, and I was just remembering them.")

I have experienced physical and emotional pain beyond belief in my young life and never cried a tear, but I could not help but weep for the dead and wounded, their families, and the ones who still suffer to this day.

I wept for the ones like PFC Wright, whose blood I still vividly remember on my hands.

My sincere thanks go to Budweiser for the honoring the American Military during Super Bowl XXXIX.


2/7/2005 8:55am

Donny Deutsch was on the Today Show this morning and lauded the promo. Saying "it was the BEST ad of the Super Bowl."

This promo could not have been made during the Vietnam War. If it was, our liberal professors, liberal actors, liberal professionals, and liberal elected officials, would have been out in force proudly spitting on our soldiers.

You are so right -- Iraqi Freedom Vet.
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