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Monday, February 28, 2005


Social Security Story just another way of the UH Daily Cougar bashing Bush

UH Daily Cougar reporter Angela Stokes front page story today on Social Security Students weigh in on Bush's reforms, should have been the third opinion column today. Well at least the front page anyway. Stokes is correct that most students "agree that something should be done to help the system," but half the people she finds for quotes are total leftist.

Political science junior
Tony Jaqziir DuBois is in favor of reforming social security but is way naive when he says, "I don't think that (young people) will see a good investment return when we retire. Now I would venture to guess that DuBois does not have a broker, and just by doing some simple research one can find out that the NYSE has never lost money over a 20 year period.

Stokes blindly accepted the poll given in one of DuBois's polisci classes saying "three-fourths of the class didn't support the plan." Well I would say that we have a lot of stupid students on campus, unless they were appeasing the liberal professor.

Stokes herself needs to do more research herself before she writes a story. She actually thinks that the 6.2% that the employer uses to match an employees 6.2% in payroll tax actually goes into a Social Security fund. First off, the 6.2% of the employer matching funds would have been paid to the workers if the government had not gotten in the way in the first place, and second off, there is no Social Security Fund.

Philosophy sophomore Sandie Givey, thinks "Social Security will be fixed, but Bush won't come up with a plan that works." Well, young Sandie, if Bush doesn't get a plan approved don't be looking for the Democrats to come up with a fix. At least the President is trying, which is much more than any Democrats wants to try.

On Page 3 of the story, hotel and restaurant management freshman Sean Weiner, says its "a big gamble," who went on to say that "you could put all your money is one place, like stock, and get screwed." Again UH students expose their gullibility because it is crazy to put all your money in one basket when it investing. That's why so many at Enron got hurt because they did not wisely diversify their holdings. Many workers at Enron had everything they owned in Enron stock and it cost them their life savings.

The only people in the story with any sense were business sophomore Josh Owens, and PB business student
Vinay Bhosale.

The last of Bhosale's advice "is to start early and stick with it," of which he is very correct. It has been said before that the Social Security program is suppose to be a supplement to a properly funded retirement plan. Looking at this story by Stokes, you would think that social security is the only option we have as far as retirement is concerned.

Screw the libs!


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Nick Somarkis doesn't believe you do your civic duty (Calls for "Election Holiday" to find enough Democrats to vote)

UH Daily Cougar columnist and UH College Democrat officer Nick Somarkis, ever the socialist, is pissed because his guy lost the 2004 Presidential election. So he is in support of Democrats changing the rules to give them a better advantage to cheat their way into the White House.

In Somarkis' tripe today "Election holiday reason to celebrate," Somarkis argues that Bush won a clear majority of votes, but not enough people voted for Kerry. (Of course the liberal never notes that Clinton in his two wins did not garner over 50% in either election). He notes 'in and around about way' that more people voted than ever before in the 2004 Presidential elections, but not enough people vote for Kerry.

So Somarkis and the liberals, in their way of subverting the will of the American people are in favor of changing the rules. Somarkis proudly noted the new proposed legislation of Senators Barbara Boxer, D - Calif., and Hillary Clinton, D - New York, called the Count Every Vote Act. The true name of the proposed legislation is the Count Only Democrat and NOT Republican Votes Act.

The bill would steal $500 million dollars that could go to tsunami relief or help seniors get more prescription drug benefits, instead voters would get "paper receipts" and require states to make changes in election law that would allow more Democrats to get elected.

Somarkis, who wears a goatee to hide his fat chin, notes that the "bill allows for ex-felons to vote", and makes "Election Day a federal holiday." The liberal bill "would help people who are unable to vote because of work and other reasons (such as 'pimping and hoing') to join the process." With Veterans Day and Thanksgiving Day already November holidays, the liberals want another day to take away from capitalism, and give them an unfair advantage in trying to win national elections. What's next, the liberals calling for the cancelling of Veterans Day to replace a national election day holiday?

Somarkis baits the reader by touting our forefathers saying "a U.S. election holiday would be a day when we would celebrate the freedom that our forefathers fought and died for so long ago." He conveniently forgets to mention the restrictions our forefathers imposed on potential voters who did not own land or happened to be negro. He runs to the examples of Australia, Mexico, Italy in their voting habits, just like any liberal judge would point out if there is no precendent in U.S. law.

Mexico, Somarkis reports, does not allow the sale of alcohol during the time of voting. I would think that this would hurt the Democrats chances since most of them would be to hungover to vote. What do you think happened this last election. All this "Rock the Vote" crap did not work because we were to busy 'partying' and never got around to voting.

Somarkis maintains "an election holiday would prevent any [Democrat] president from being elected without a real majority vote of the people." He like all the liberals evidentially doesn't believe that 50.73% of the popular vote does not make a clear majority. Even if they get their wish, the liberals can never guarantee that more people will vote anyway, unless they cheat as they usually do.

Screw the libs!

Sunday, February 27, 2005


Freedom of Speech vs. The Right to be Heard or Read

I've been getting a lot of flack from liberals lately who do not like what I've been writing in my exercise of free speech.

That's OK, but believe it or not. Liberals are not my intended audience.

UH Conservatives are my intended audience. I just want to let them know that they are not alone in the sea of liberals at UH and to keep on being themselves.

I have the right to 'freedom of speech,' but I do not have a right to 'be heard' or 'be read.' Nobody does.
When I hear 'liberalspeak,' unless I'm in class, I will more than likely turn it off or tune it out. I have never called for the shutting up of any liberals, and I say let them speak so they can truly proclaim their looniness. The same can be said of liberals who find conservatives offensive.

If the liberalspeak is looney enough for me to take note of, the sources that I trust will relay it to me for proper consumption and processing. Then I will comment.

I have learned to push liberalspeak out of my mind, but liberals do not have the capabilities of shutting me or any other conservative out. If they do, they lose their waning power forever.

Screw the libs!

Saturday, February 26, 2005


Film Review - The Wings of the Dove (1997)

This is the third movie based on a Henry James novel that I reviewed. Iain Softley's interpretation of James' "The Wings of the Dove," just as in The Bostonians, maintains my interest with the right mix of feminine beauty.

It is set around the same time as "Death in Venice," 1910, and this time as not in 'DiV,' "it has a girl!"

The fine and delicious Helena Bonham Carter, who plays Kate Croy, a young heiress who is dependent on the good graces of her rich Aunt because her dead Mom's money has run out and her Father is a opium addict.

Kate's dealing with lower society finds in the arms of a young reporter named Merton Threaser, and her Aunt forces her to sever all times with the muckrackers of the day, especially the journalist she had promised to marry before her acension to the country-club life. She agrees for she would be penniless.

Kate then befriends an American rich girl named Millie Theale, who is dying and on a grand tour of Europe. In a last ditch effort to claim his prize Merton crashes a party at which Kate and Millie are attending, and Millie finds the journalist attractive.

The action shifts to Venice, and offers Kate an opportunity to break from the grip of her Aunt.

Helena Bonham Carter for me is the perfect female specimen. She's not blonde, her breast are rightly sized, and you can hold an intelligent conversation with the girl. Sex is fine with a woman, but you can't do it all the time -- pretty soon your going to have to talk to her.

Friday, February 25, 2005


Professor Walther gives General Robert E. Lee a new 'Daddy"

Professor Eric Walther was finishing up his lecture today and must have been anxious for lunch, because he gave General Robert E. Lee another Father. Instead of noting Henry "Light Horse Harry" Lee as General Lee's father he said Richard Henry Lee was his Daddy. Now I know that there are a lot of Lees, but they are distinguishable between the generations. Well at least he got the 'Henry Lee' part correct.

Screw the libs!


UH Daily Cougar Bored Me Today (Bridget Brown kinda cute)

After strategically brain dumping on a blue book yesterday I was kinda bored with Matt Dulin's creation today.

Big woops about smoking, if one can't stand smokers for one hour while enjoying a fine meal, then I don't want to be around them.

The staff editoral believes that the public really wants red-light cameras. Screw that. As probably the only UH student that has ever received a ticket initiated from an electronic device, cameras will lead to cameras that clock speeders, etc. Even more intrusion into our lives supported by the liberals.

Bridget Browns karoke article was cute, and so is she. I have a karoke machine, and me and my nieces and nephews 'occassionally' (intentionally left misspelled to piss off the liberal grammar police) have some cool jam sessions.

Thursday, February 24, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Derek Dickson slams the "Surrender Monkeys"

UH Daily Cougar Columnist Derek Dickson slams the French in his commentary "French cowards no allies of the US" with multiple body blows to the wimpy nation.

Dickson rightfully doesn't buy the French Ambassadors apology of the French people, because its way old news. We have saved the French many times in the past, and its going to take a major attack on French soil for them to take any steps in getting in on the fight against terrorism.

Perhaps one day they will come around.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist "Many Names" Carminati 'Apologizes for America ' (Blames You for Torturing Bad Guys)

UH Daily Cougar columnist and UH College Democrat officer Guigi Carminati is off her rocker this morning wanting to apologize for the United States and its 'dirty ways' in torturing the 'nice and ever so peaceful' members of Al-Qaeda who just want to kill every U.S. "freedom-loving" man and woman. I'm sure that the liberals wouldn't mind the killing of children, since all them are just "post term fetuses" that should have been aborted anyway.

In Carminati's tripe today "Torture by Americans not justified," Carminati 'compares apples and oranges' in trying to fool you into supporting her side of the argument by taking misplaced examples of past conflicts that have no meaning in today's world. Only a liberal could run to the battlefield kindnesses of Erwin Rommel "The Desert Fox," and point out his "respect for the Geneva Convention." Thankfully she pointed out that Rommel's Germany exterminated millions of Jews. Al-Qaeda, like the Nazi's, have little regard for Americans as the Nazi's had for the Jews.

Carminati, whose real name is longer than that of a Puerto Rican whores, conveniently forgets that Al-Qaeda does not follow by the rules of war. These people do not wear uniforms signifying they are with a group. These people go way beyond torture and just cut off the heads of their prisoners. She wants these terrorist to play by their own rules until they are caught, then when we have them in custody afford them the same courtesy that would be afforded a normal prisoner of war. That is simply outrageous, and makes as much sense as her fine body not being mentally undressed by legislators and staffers as she walked the halls of the Texas capital as an intern.

Carminati, who at first glance, you would think works at a strip club, believes "a prisoner of war is a prisoner of war." She puts more credence in the accounts of individuals who were tortured; certainly not the people whose heads have been chopped off, and definitely not those people who are under oath to protect her fine ass in time of war and peacetime.

Again, the growing trend of liberals running to religion to plead their case makes itself present, of which I do not have enough time to expound, but she calls for "the shame of being an American really comes from the lack of outrage at our government's actions."
Perhaps there is no outrage because no one in America is offended. Let me see, Al-Qaeda has cut off the heads of numerous Americans, and we are suppose to be worried about torturing some prisoners whose every waking thought is to find a way to kill us. Al-Qaeda after all killed thousands of Americans on 9/11.

If their is anyone to be blamed my Maria it is you. "Pull out" that mirror, and you "start pointing" at yourself.

Screw the libs!

Tuesday, February 22, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Sarah Morgan 'Ever the Activist' (Makes us feel guilty eating hamburgers)

UH Daily Cougar columnist Sarah Morgan is ever the activist as she 'cries wolf' in her commentary today begging gulible Americans to save the rainforest. This liberal embraces religion to help her cause, just as liberals embraced the 'glory of the Vietnam War' to help the failed Presidential cause of John Kerry in 2004. Both arguments have failed.

Morgan plays the part of 'Chicken Little' today with her tripe "Save the rainforest and save yourself," which plays on the sympathies of her readers to go all against things American in order to save the rainforest.

Morgan, who took the movie "The Day After Tomorrow" as 'gospel', baits the reader with her stirring story of a Nun who was killed when she was to trying stop mean evil loggers in the Brazilian Amazon from chopping down trees. The Nun, whose cause was to bring an end to deforestation, is now a cause that Morgan proudly calls her own.

Morgan, who just recently learned the difference between the 'Amazon' and 'Amazon.com,' actually believes that people will read her words and go to 'general quarters' in an attempt to stop the deforestation of the Amazon region, the "lungs of the Earth." She claims that 20% of the "1.6 million square miles" of rainforest have been lost to "development and farming," which may cause a re-immigration of Brazil's countryside, since "four million soccer fields" have been "cut or burned."

Morgan pleads her case that the Amazon provides its share of cures for disease, which is OK, but she is talking to the wrong people by writing her flatulence today. She insults the people she is wanting to rally, saying that allowing the destruction of the rainforest the cures that come out of the rainforest won't help the "fattest city." I suggest that Morgan organize a 'bra burning' or 'nude sit in', or wear a thong and bra outfit made of rope and leaves to class with a sign on her butt that says "SAVE THE RAINFOREST." That would get my attention.

Morgan is delusional if she actually believes that by sane people eating hamburgers, buying gasoline, or buying houses, we are enabling rainforest destruction. That was her futile attempt to making us feel bad by engaging in activities that contribute to our happiness but yet harm the rainforest. Well, Moon-Pie, I'm not buying your argument.

Morgan, who drives a blue Yugo in her personal attempt to save the world, was almost killed last week, when her car was almost ran over by an 18-wheeler on I-45. She claims the rates of rainforest destruction will be complete in 50 years. I remember the numbers in the '90s' when the numbers the wacko environmentalists were handing out said that the rainforest would have already been all chopped down by now, yet Morgan says only 20% have bought the dust. I trust the sovereign government that controls the Amazon will take measures to prevent a global disaster.

On the other hand, Morgan can be proactive and write letters to the Brazilian officials who can stop the carnage, include nude photos of herself promising sexual favors for stopping destruction of the rainforest, and see how far it can get her. If any of those officials think like President Clinton, she might be able to get somewhere. It's about time these looney activist sacrifice for once instead of demanding we all sacrifice.

Screw the libs!

Monday, February 21, 2005


Professor W.W. Barnes and the "Surrender Monkeys"

THE liberal silver-haired professor William W. Barnes today tried to meld with his students. He proudly quoted Bart Simpson (but it was actually Groundskeeper Willie), who called the French "cheese-eating surrender monkeys." (Actually it was "BONJOURRRR, you cheese-eating surrender monkeys.")

He hasn't thrown anyone out of class since the last test. He must be going soft. Was he under Putin when Putin was Chief of the KGB?

Screw the libs!

Sunday, February 20, 2005


Love Without Money is 'Not As Rosy'

I routinely have lunch with one of my war buddies (Brother C) at all sorts of different places around UH and in Southeast Houston. He always gets a laugh at the mostly young Hispanic couples we see who are in Love but have no money saved up.

I know, but I always tell my Brother, "yeah, but its Love."

He always comes back, "but their poor."

Again I say, "yeah, but its Love."


Actually, its cool that young lovers are in love, but unless their is money around, their quality of life will definitely suffer.

I was taught to don't take relationships seriously unless you want to marry the girl. I've had my share of girlfriends over time and I have never really fell in love.

I've concentrated on career and retirement, and guess what, I've got money! Why? I saved.

I can afford to take a date out to a nice restaurant. I have a Motorhome for Christ sake (after spending over a year of my life in Army tents, a Motorhome is the way I camp now.) I have a financial planner (younger than me) who calls me all the time with updates on my financial accounts.

One day, I know I will find the right woman, and I will be financially as well as emotionally ready.

Helena Bonham Carter for me is the perfect female specimen. She's not blonde, her breast are rightly sized, and you can hold an intelligent conversation with the girl.

I'm not into how striking a woman looks. As long as she is beautiful in my eyes, that is fine with me. I'm looking for a woman who I can camp with, or attend activities with me and my nephews.

Saturday, February 19, 2005


A Few Random Thoughts - IV

- Proper reporting from Iraq does not come from the Al-Rashid Hotel in Baghdad's 'Green-Zone.'

- Liberals take schadenfreude in America's citizens. In effect, liberals and their ideology call for 'bad things' to happen to the United States in order for the Democrats to be empowered.

- France needs the United States a thousand times more than the United States needs France.

- Texas wine is much better than French wine, and Texas grape vines once saved the European wine industry.

- Liberals care more about lobsters being "boiled" in pots than fetuses being "sucked" from wombs.

- I have bled in battle for 'liberals to talk their crap', but I'll be damned if liberals will ever bleed for me.

- Liberals will never understand the spirit of "Remember the Titans" and "Friday Night Lights."

- I would vote for JC Watts (a black man) for President of the United States. Liberals would not vote for this man.

Friday, February 18, 2005


Film Review - Aimee & Jaguar (1998)

I was surprised to see that the MD Anderson Library had a lesbian foreign film on the shelves, so I was intrigued to check out the chick flick. The German film "Aimee & Jaguar" is based on a true story of WWII Berlin that brings together two stunningly attractive leads, Lilly "Aimee" (Juliane Kohler) who plays the Nazi housewife, and Felice "Jaguar" (Maria Schrader) the German Jewish lesbian resistance leader who organizes the escape of certain lesbian Jews from Berlin, and is desperate to keep her religion, sexual orientation, and illegal activities a secret from the Gestapo.

Jaguar brings quivers to Aimee after her unstable husband is sent back to the front. The first love scene is brilliant and leaves the viewers wanting more. I was surprised with the story line. Once Jaguar becomes homeless due to Allied bombings she moves in the Aimee, and that's when the affair really begins.

The nudity with Jaguar and Jewish and German friends for the German soldiers at the front is a surprise, but once the session is completed, it is marred with the killing of one of her friends by the Gestapo. A beautiful fully make-uped, and not to mention au naturel Maria Schrader is an awesome specimen.

Over time Aimee becomes the sexual agressor & Jaguar, and Red-Blooded American males watching would become jealous of Aimee running her lips down Jaguar's naked back to her bare ass. The return of Aimee's delusional husband from the front ends most all the displays of lesbianism in the film. With the husband gone again, Aimee and Jaguar reconcile, even when Jaguar admits she is Jewish. In the end, Jaguar is apprehended by the Gestapo and is never seen again. Years later, Aimee runs into one of Jaguars friends at a retirement home, and the adventure is relived in her mind.

In checking out the film was based on a true story the true characters do not compare to Schrader and Kohler. I looked at the real Jaguar, or Felice, and she had a Jewish look about her. I'm surprised the real Jagaur lasted as long as she did.


UH Daily Cougar Columnists Salinas and Kelsch Shoot a Double Shot of Tripe

UH Daily Cougar columnist David Salinas' tripe today "Phony reporter aids right's aims," bored me to death. Salinas, who is obviously pissed that President Bush won re-election last year, is as optimistic about the liberal media as John F. Kerry is optimistic about being taken seriously for another Presidential run in 2008. Both are worthless.

One conservative reporter, even one mascarading as a conservative, is worth a thousand liberal ones. Salinas, who is bi-curious, probably did some one-handed research of the gay websites he noted for his tripe on former Talon News reporter Jeff Gannon.


Emily Kelsch, today in her bloody tampon "Feminists overlook larger issues," proudly proclaims the "feminist movement" as "one of the most effective political machines ever."
Why just last month, Katie Couric interviewed a bunch of teenage girls ages 13-16, who in effect said, "we give oral sex because we want our boyfriends to like us," WOW, with feminism downplaying the need for a man, we now have a bunch of teens who proudly give 'head' to keep their claws pluged into one.

Emily Louise, now that Condi Rice has made it to Secretary of State, concludes that "the need for simply advancing women's rights is, for now, over," and is now more concerned with the cost of her contraceptive pills being "$10 a month." Thankfully she has the morning-after pill, which is $15, and she can use it if she gets more drunk than she thought she would get, and forgets to take her contraceptive pill.
Thank God Emily has health insurance or else she would have to take the teenage girl approach and stick to oral sex only.

Of course Kelsch is uncompassionate by not sharing her pills with the poor, and in that case would call for the "more extreme methods of contraception, such as abortion" for those unfortunate enough not to have health insurance.
Kelsch needs to be the Katie Couric of UH and stress the need for poor girls to perform oral sex on their boyfriends to prevent the need for "more extreme methods of contraception."

Did you know that Kelsch is "frequently bombarded by women saying we earn an average of 77 cents for every dollar earned by a man." They stop her at the PGH breezeway, on her way to class, when she is line at Taco Bell at the UC Satellite. "Emily, why are women earning 77 cents for every dollar earned by a man?"

Who cares, quit your job and start your own business. Be your own boss, and pay yourself at 100% you would pay a man! Hell, give yourself a raise and make it a 110%.

Kelsch, who will never be as successful as her "Who's who" list of grandmothers, will always be the weak minded UH student looking for some white liberal male to guide her. She has three fine examples of success right in front of her face; women who through shear self-determination and more than likely without liberalism succeeded in this world, and she chooses to ignore it.

I am glad that Kelsch sees "working hard" as a one of the keys to being a success in life. Perhaps she can try it herself one day.

Screw the libs!

Thursday, February 17, 2005


My 'Schadenfreude' Friend Returns - LYM at the PGH breezeway

"Hello my schadenfreude friend," I said to my good liberal friend Kurt from the LaRouche Youth Movement, who like most all liberals, takes pleasure in the misery of others.

I returned the LYM DVD that I borrowed last week, "Sounding a Certain Trumpet." When I saw a fake human monkey with a cut-out of Dubya's face on a monkey being led around, I started to grow weary. When the fake monkey was invited to the stage to show off, I had to turn it off. How can anybody take what is being presented at the podium seriously when a fake monkey with a cut-out of Bush's face is being held hostage on a leash just off stage.

I didn't get a chance to talk to Kurt today at the Hoffman Hall breezeway, he was busy trying to recruit a weak minded UH student who needs life direction from a worthless liberal ideology.

Thanks to the Maha-Rushie for bringing to light the word - schadenfreude. More to come.

Screw the libs!


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Dante Eglin "Half-Way Correct" on Black History Month

UH Daily Cougar Opinion Columnist Dante Eglin wrote in his article today "Black history not just in February," which I feel is half-way correct when it comes to his 'month of honor.' I'm of the belief that Black History Month has proved its point, and should be scraped. Black History is American History, and we get a lot of it in our history classes now. I can attest to that.

As I wrote earlier this month, some Blacks are "tired of being 'pimped' out each February, and being seen as part of the 'invisible people' for the rest of the year." Its got to the point that some Blacks are refusing invitations to speak during Black History Month, because they feel they are being put on a pedestal during February only for being a Black person.

Eglin maintains "My problem is that too many blacks suddenly become culturally conscious at the end of January, and lose that newfound interest by the dawn of March." That's right, and if we scrap Black History Month, it would give more justification to look at Black History more on a yearly basis, rather than in the shortest month of the year. That's not being biased, I'm for scrapping National Hispanic Heritage Month as well. Shouldn't we all be Americans first, who just happen to be from an etnic background. I know I am.

Eglin takes precautions "to not overhype the event," and says he has received flack from "from fellow black people," who "bash" him when they discover his way of thinking. I'm hoping this is Eglin's way of starting to become American first, who just happens to be from African ethnicity.

Feb 6, 2005 9:39 AM

The Houston Chronicle ran a story on Feb 4th, "Prominent black speakers tire of February spotlight" that could start bringing the importance of Black History Month to another failed government program.


The HC story was about a Dallas County Commissioner, John Wiley Price, who recently spoke (Jan 31st) to a Dallas area middle school of 100 students. The students were mostly black, and Price noted that if he had been invited on February 1st he would have refused the invitation to speak out of disgust for Black History Month.

Commissioner Price is right. Black History Month cheapens Black History. BHM is a liberal program that is shoved down our throats every year, and once its gone no one wants to have anything to do with Blacks for the rest of the year.

Price is tired of being "pimped" out each February, and being seen as part of the "invisible people" for the rest of the year. He is absolutely right, and the trend being started by Black intellectuals is growing.

High-profile blacks who are celebrated are growing weary by being overwhelmed, but when March 1 hits, public interest in them drops dramatically.

Black History roots started in the 1920s with a week in February to observe the birthdays of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln. The founder had hoped when the observance could one day scraped because of BH being a part of American life.

BH is now part of American history, and should be scrapped.

When the current month of February celebration was expanded over 25 years ago, it has been nothing but non-stop black events at schools, black museums, historical sites, etc., and now its expanding to nothing to do with Black History.

Besides Commissioner Price, now scholars are also pegging Black History Month as those who "want to hear the same old thing."

Don't worry, Black History Month is not going away because it was established by an Act of Congress. Black History will continue to be cheapened because Black History will continued to be regarded as a "one month a year" program that will continued to be forced down our throats.

Screw the libs!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Nick Somarkis 'Deepthroating the small Liberal Kielbasa' (Calls reduction in rates of increase "Budget Cuts")

UH Daily Cougar columnist and UH College Democrat officer Nick Somarkis is delusional if he actually believes that the President's budget is packed with "severe cuts in spending on medicine for children, health care for veterans, environmental and labor initiatives and small business loans in his budget." The President has proposed a $2.57 trillion dollar budget, the most ever proposed, and we have liberals out there afraid 'that not enough money is being spent.'

In Somarkis' tripe today "Democrats: Fight for what's left," Somarkis continues to go back to the old Democrat playbook of calling the budget "reduction in the rates of increase" a "BUDGET CUT." (The budget funding still goes up, but not as fast as in the past. That's what liberals call BUDGET CUTS, because they did not get their EXPECTED spending for the new budget year.)

Somarkis, who would willingly take the kneeling place of Monica Lewinsky to service former President Bill Clinton, takes Bush to task for padding the bank accounts of the rich, and calls for Democrats to "stand their ground" so they can "save the United States from becoming a nation of ill children, abandoned veterans, forgotten farmers, and ignored poor."
(I can just imagine the smile on the opinion editor Jason Poland's face when he read Somarkis' "crock of shit," actually taking it seriously.)

Somarkis baits the reader with his first paragraph of the Democrats standing "united with the President after 9/11," 'well duh', who wouldn't stand with the President after the attacks. But I know when the Democrats stood behind the President they had their fingers crossed behind their backs. (They cannot stand supporting the President in any endeavor.)

Somarkis writes for the Democrat defense of higher education, elementary education, bad employers, which are all institutions controlled by liberals. OK, let me see, if liberal professors and administrators would voluntarily take a pay cut, just maybe the students (many of them minorities) can get their tuition rates lowered.

Somarkis is a classic example of a spoiled child (who parents never disciplined him) that will continue to pout over the liberals not being in charge of government. He doesn't even call for bipartisanship, but encourages the Democrats to fight even unto their deaths.

Screw the libs!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005


UH Daily Cougar wasting Trees with their "Gay Flair to the Air" Story

I don't know what Jim Parson's was thinking when he assigned Amanda Zirgulus to write a story on a proposed 'all gay airline'. FabulAIR is an airline company that actually thinks it will be making money just targeting a few percentage points of the entire population. Going to their website you will not be able to get a ticket, but only be able to buy something from their store.

I'm not saying that the company may not get off the ground, but as for being a success, I hardly think so.

For the gays who are shoving inclusion down our throats, an 'all-gay' airline targeting 'only gays' will 'for-sure' be a total success. YEAH RIGHT!

FabulAIR appears to only want to shuttle gays to and from events, and nobody is thinking that maybe gays are economical to, and might want to save a buck to two.


Any enterprise that touts liberalism is bound for failure. Air America Radio, which would have went under by now if it were not for a liberal benefactor, who could have made a seven figure donation to tsunami relief, instead wasted his money on Al Franken and Janeane Garofalo.

These people have a party over having 48 stations NATIONWIDE. 48! On the otherhand, Rush Limbaugh has over 40 stations in California alone. Who are the liberals trying to fool in proclaiming success in liberal radio stations.

Screw the libs!

Monday, February 14, 2005


Kudos to UH Daily Cougar Columnist Derek Dickson and Jason Richardson

I'm not feeling very well, but I wanted to posted something. Thankfully today's commentaries from Derek Dickson and Jason Richardson were positive, which made feel at ease.

Derek Dickson's "Evolution revolution hits public schools," goes into the old debate of Evolution vs. Creation. Thankfully he does not shove any side down our throats, and in the end supports the students making their own choices on what the believe as how man was created.

Jason Richardson's " Social Security worth the risky business," is right on target with his contribution today. He points out the less dependence on government angle which I am very supportive of, as well as the benefits of taking a chance for a greater reward when a person under 55 finally retires.


I've been up and down the Social Security issue, and those under 55 are very supportive of it. The only ones that are against it are those over 55 and liberals. The 55 and older crowd say they don't want their grandchildren taking "the risk," but its really because they are going to be jealous of someone getting more money than they are.

As for evolution vs. creation theory efforts to teach both should be made. Schools are so afraid to utter the word "God" because of possible law suits or because they might offend somebody.

As a teacher, I say "screw the schools." Don't be afraid of offending anyone. They weren't offended when they paddled or "popped" me when I was a little kid. No they look upon themselves with shame of the rightful things they did just 25 years ago.

Screw the libs!

Saturday, February 12, 2005


Abortion - 30 plus years later (White Liberals Still in Charge of the Democratic Party)

I was driving in my Motorhome yesterday, when I heard on the radio that up to 3/4's of the abortions that have taken place since 1973's Roe Vs. Wade decision have been of Black fetuses.
After thinking it over for a few minutes I had a wild idea.
We have the Hispanic population skyrocketing in America, while Black population have essentially remained at 12% or have dropped off. Was there a conspiracy there?

Could those in the Democratic Party in 1973 have known over 30 years later the consequences of submitting a "choice" to American women as to whether they have the right to carry their baby to full term or not. And that mostly Black women would jump at chance.
(With the success of the Civil Rights Movement, Blacks combined to get an enormous task done, and they had the skill to amass enough political power to make serious political contentions for leadership in the future Democratic Party).

Could those in the Democratic Party have known that by making it a "choice" as to whether or not women were to have their baby, that 78% of the abortion clinics would just so happen to be placed in minority areas.
(They did have knowledge of the times that Blacks were impoverished and more than likely would take advantage of abortion services located in their neighborhood to avoid going into further poverty).

Could those in the Democratic Party have known the intentions of Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, had planned for the future reduction of Black influence in America, which coincided with the plans for the Democratic Party.
(How come there has never been a Black DNC Chairman? How come Black Republicans who are nominated for high office are so criticized? The reason? Because they were never supposed to get there. Why? Because Sanger purposely targeted Blacks as inferiors, and did not wish further pollution of white society. The Democrats saw this and wanted to capitalize on her wishes. Sangers ideas had to materialize slowly, over a period of decades).

The party of incrementalism, "The Democrats," have pulled a fast one, and it has taken decades for people to start to open their eyes to the Black Genocide that has taken place, and for anyone to even raise a remote ruckus about it. This was a planned genocide for the Black community, and the availability of convienent services that allows black women the "choice" is killing their race in America and nullifying their vote in the very near future.

Now approximately 40 million fetuses have been aborted if not a hell of a lot more since 1973, so you can do the math and get a good idea of how many Black fetuses have been sucked away.
(And it is a proven fact the Black population is on the decline, and soon their vote will be unable to help the Democrats to retain any kind of office).

Today, the first of those aborted fetuses would be turning around 32 years of age. They would have families, jobs, and all the same problems we all have. Perhaps their Mother's more than likely would have moved out of poverty and made a life for themselves with the children.

Granted not everyone of those abortions would have amounted to a rosy life, but at least they would have been giving the opportunity to better themselves in this race we call "life."
The aborted Black fetuses were not given that chance because they were sucked away by the abortion doctors and their Democratic Party enablers, just so a few white liberals can stay in power and tell their Black constituents what to do.

Screw the libs!

Friday, February 11, 2005


'Geo-Green' Efforts Must be Competive but go ahead and Drill in ANWR NOW!

David Salinas' column today in the UH Daily Cougar was at least half-way agreeable to me. I agree Salinas on tapping the Alaskan ANWR oil reserves, and stepping away from the Middle East as a primary source for oil.

I do not agree with Salinas in stuffing hydrid vehicles down our throats. Hydrid vehicles are a choice for the consumer market to make and not for liberals like Salinas to decree on the masses.

I agree with the concept of 'geo-green', but until products become competitive or beat the price of current or existing supplies, the efforts are fruitless. There is no way that I'm going to pay 20% more for an environmentally friendly product when the traditional product is on sale for 10% off regular price.

Recently, I saw a story on Willie Nelson and biodiesel, which is a new type of diesel fuel that has vegetable oil as part of the fuel.

The newstory caught my eye because I have a vested interest in the price of diesel fuel since I am a young guy who happens to own his own motorhome. Each time I go to the diesel pump, I have to drop a minimum of $75 bucks. When I heard that biodiesel costs $0.50 more per gallon I was immediately turned off.

Look I'm all for saving the environment, because I have to breath the same air as liberals do, but asking everyone to pay more for the priviledge of saving the environment is a crock. Earth is self-cleaning environment, and man, especially liberal man, is arrogant to believe that we little Earthlings can be solely responsible for the destruction of the Earth.

If a destructive volcano like Mount Pinatubo can cause the Earth's temperature to drop a small percentage, and in the same time polute the Earth the same amount as man has done since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, I would saw we have nothing to worry about.

Screw the libs!

Thursday, February 10, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist David Salinas "Crazy" as Howard Dean on the Campaign Trail

UH Daily Cougar Opinion Columnist David Salinas today addresses his concerns over the Howard Dean taking the donkey reigns at the Democratic National Committee. Salinas, in his tripe today "Republican catchphrases sell well," is afraid of "a complete Republican onslaught of the former Vermont governor," when Dean formally takes the reigns at the DNC.

Salinas is so misguided actually thinking that Howard Dean will be a target of the Republicans, just as he his hopeful of reviving the candidacy of John F. Kerry's failed presidential bid in his writings. It's laughable.

My dear David, as a Republican insider, I have priviledged information of a Republican Secret Weapon that they will be used to counter Howard Dean. This secret weapon is so effective that your wish of having Simon Rosenberg or Donnie Fowler, as the DNC chair may materialize in the next year or two.

The Republican secret weapon will aid the Democrats in bogging themselves down. It will force the Democrats to "vote against" a candidate rather than "vote for" a candidate. And once unleashed, the Republican secret weapon will be unstoppable in pursuing the destruction of Howard Dean and the Democratic Party.

What is the Republican secret weapon you say? What is the secret weapon that will force Democrats to use symbolism over substance. What is the Republican secret weapon against the DNC? I'll give you a hint -- his initials are HD.

Screw the libs!

Wednesday, February 09, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Derek Dickson 'Slams Liberals' (Is he "Appeasing" the Right)

I'm confused. Is there some sort of conservative virus that has been plaguing the the UH Daily Cougar News and Columnist Staff? I mean, last week we had Matt Cooper writing about kids competing for math scholarships (which was a slap in the face to liberals), and Derek Dickson was writing about seperating you from more social security money when you retire. (Which the liberal CBS Evening News debuked this evening). That was then -- this is now?

UH Daily Cougar Opinion Columnist Derek Dickson wrote of liberals in his article today "Left wing losers are poor sports," which slams liberals as "sore losers" in not accepting all the elections losses and things such that liberals have not been supporting such as the Iraqi elections.

The article would to liberals be considered "offensive," and to naive Conservatives as "brilliant," but I beg to differ as to Dickson 'brilliance' until I see more consistency in his writing. You can't be a liberal one week and a Conservative the next.

Dickson makes some good points such as "a sore loser is supposed to be a stage that kids go through," describing liberals as people who simply refused to "grow up" and let the bygones be bygones.

Dickson continues by slamming Senator Ted Kennedy as defaming "the effort of the American troops." He bites into the Hollywood left, mainly the bad comedienne Janeane Garofalo, who refuses to acknowledge one US success in Iraq, and looks for the bad in everything. Garofolo is obviously not a happy person.

I was a little skeptical of the WMDs paragraph, which could have been reworded differently. I'm convinced that the intelligence of six nations could not be wrong and we were right to go into Iraq. But Dickson's argument that the liberals use the WMD argument as their primary tool to counter successful Iraqi elections is basicly correct.

I was taken aback at Dickson's article, and I will continue holding Derek's feet to the fire after this one. You can't write liberal one week and Conservative the next -- it confuses people. Derek, take a side and stick to it. Hopely its the Conservative side, because you will feel better about yourself at the end of the day.

Screw the libs!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Columnist Wylie Lenz labels Bill O'Reilly "Right Wing" (its like labeling Rush Limbaugh moderate)

UH Daily Cougar guest columnist Wylie Lenz is very naive when it comes to O'Reilly Factor big cheese Bill O'Reilly. In Lenz's tripe today, "Right's wrong in stifling speech", Wylie opines that he's pissed at O'Reilly for trying to ruin the career of wacko University of Colorado at Boulder professor Ward Churchill. O'Reilly is blasting Churchill for hateful speech against the United States calling the 9/11 victims "little Eiechmans," a direct reference to the Nazi war criminal. In addition Churchill's comments on the Oklahoma City bombing have also pissed off a lot of people.

Churchill, a wanna-be Indian, has been forced to step down from his position as "Chief" of the Ethnic Studies Department at the university, and now has the Colorado Governor and Legislature calling for his head on a platter.

O'Reilly has held Churchill's feet to the fire for the last ten days, and Churchill has since been losing speaking engagements (and money). Who knows, he may be available for a producing job with CBS Evening News very soon.

Wylie Lenz, a post-baccalaureate creative writing student, meaning that he cannot find meaningful employment as a creative writing specialist (the best offer he got was a McDonald's hamburger flipper position) is totally devoted to personally saving the career of Churchill, which will give him good standing with the professors when he applies for a graduate degree. Lenz is desparately trying to organize an effort to counter the onslaught of O'Reilly supporters who want Churchill fired.

Lenz closes with a Voltaire saying "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

Voltaire also said, "A witty saying proves nothing," and nothing was what Lenz obviously proved.

Screw the libs!

Monday, February 07, 2005


Falun Gong Demonstration on Butler Plaza

Falun Gong organizers were on UH's Butler Plaza demonstrating the horrors committed among the followers of Truthfullness, Compassion, and Forbearance.

China has been persecuting Falun Gong followers, who outnumber the members of the Communist Party by ten million followers.

I was told that UH had invited a Chinese official, Chang Xiaoping, who has committed atrocities against Falun Gong members.

Xiaoping, a deputy secretary, CCPC of Changchun, in charge of the city "610 Office."

The crimes being committed by the Chinese against Falun Gong are being heralded by the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong.


Is Life Cheap?

I was on my way in to UH this morning and at the complex intersection of Griggs Rd. & Mykawa Rd. (which has train tracks going going north to south and east to west) in Houston all seemed normal this morning.

A train was approaching from north to south and right when the train lights started going off, an old car with an old person in it broke a water line and began smoking right on the Mykawa side train tracks.

I honked my horn several times, and the old person was not getting out of the car. I was located across from the broken down car, and then I jumped out of my truck and started moving as fast as my legs would take me across the street.

Fortunately, before I got halfway across the street, at least two people on the Mykawa side of the tracks and were able to push the small car back and out of harms way, so there was no incident. Just recently I had seen a tractor trailer that had been cut in half by a train at the same intersection.

As I walked back to my truck, I noticed the unconcern of the people who were behind my truck, and were basicly waiting on me to get out of the way.

With this old person in danger, only a few percent of the people around the old person acted to do anything about it. I'm not taking any credit for the saving of that old person. I know it will not make the news, but I do feel in acting to help save I am a better person. Liberals can not say that, because they would not have acted.

Sunday, February 06, 2005


Budweiser's Salute to the Military during the Superbowl Brought Me to Tears

For a liberal seeing it, the 2005 Third Quarter Superbowl Promo Ad from Budweiser (click on Specials/Super Bowl Ads/Anheuser-Busch of the soldier) honoring our military would not stir any emotions. But as for me, I felt I was in it.

For I and a small group of fellow soldiers (a long time ago) were once honored with an ovation in an airport from grateful bystanders as we walked or were wheeled thru in our Desert BDUs coming home from battle.

For Me and a whole lot of Veterans and their Families, the Budweiser commercial of returning American soldiers walking thru an airport in their desert uniforms, and the people standing and applauding them brought me to tears.
I had to leave the room complaining of something in my eye, and I wept. (Everyone in that room knew what was happening.)

No words were said in the Bud Promo. No need for them. The applause and gratitude of the bystanders told the whole story. (I must have watched the promo 50 times before writing this to-nite and I pray I do not have any nightmares).

I wept not for myself.
(My 4, soon to be 5 year old nephew followed me as I left the room and asked "what's wrong ****", and I said, "Well, a bunch of Uncle ****'s friends got hurt a long time ago, and I was just remembering them.")

I have experienced physical and emotional pain beyond belief in my young life and never cried a tear, but I could not help but weep for the dead and wounded, their families, and the ones who still suffer to this day.

I wept for the ones like PFC Wright, whose blood I still vividly remember on my hands.

My sincere thanks go to Budweiser for the honoring the American Military during Super Bowl XXXIX.


2/7/2005 8:55am

Donny Deutsch was on the Today Show this morning and lauded the promo. Saying "it was the BEST ad of the Super Bowl."

This promo could not have been made during the Vietnam War. If it was, our liberal professors, liberal actors, liberal professionals, and liberal elected officials, would have been out in force proudly spitting on our soldiers.

Saturday, February 05, 2005


A Few Random Thoughts - III

- Democrats who are "hoping to boost their party", can never rise by beating down others.

- The next democracy in the Arab world will be Iran.

- Devon, (the 10-year old boy) in Harry Reid's Democratic Response, does not exist.

- The Democrats always complain, but never offer any solutions to issues.

- Liberals "focus grouping" other liberals will always be a recipe for disaster.

- An intelligent and informed Democrat constituency is the death knell for Democrats.

- Liberals are afraid of our military because it makes them look like girlier "girly men".

- Liberalism survives on "gasps of air" and "sips of hope."

Friday, February 04, 2005


Film Review - Casablanca (1942)

I checked out the DVD of "Casablanca," an enduring classic that I have managed to avoid for a long time. Casablanca is set from December 2-4, 1941, and I was amazed at how my time in Europe was similar to the events in the movie.

Casablanca starring Humphrey Bogart as Rick and Ingrid Bergman as Ilsa grew out of the event of worn torn Europe of the 1930s. My parallel to Casablanca grew out of the waning days of communism in Berlin and previously in Paris.

Richard "Rick" Blaine's character reminded me of myself during my Berlin days prior to the Fall of the Wall and of my time in Paris. An aire of confidence, complete control of the situation, and a general rule of looking out for ones interests were the rule of the day. Money was to be made.

Casablanca, like pre-fall Berlin and Paris for me was a Romantic time. I had my songs as well; INXS' The Loved One, and Never Tear Us Apart were my As Time Goes By as it was for Rick and Ilsa. My feelings were strong then, and I still have feelings to this day, even though I don't know where she is.

Like Rick I wasn't afraid, I was invincible, I had my papers in order, my own vehicle, and I was untouchable in East Berlin. My organization had the right people bribed, reservations at the best restaurants in East and West Berlin, and flawless plans that made any situation go off without a hitch.

Like Rick, there was a girl from some months earlier in Paris. Like Rick and Ilsa, it wasn't meant to happen, it just happened. A young attractive American male in Paris (and Berlin) -- me -- back in the 80s was a cool thing to be. Loneliness of women abounded, especially European women who had expendable resources and were allowed some freedom in travel with friends around the trendy capitals and resorts of Europe.

Like Rick, I was unaware of the relationship, but in the end I knew they should be together, and I had the means to make it happen. I made it so -- no regrets.

Casablanca (as in Berlin) was a transitional period for America. Just as Casablanca called for a quicker American involvement in WWII, Berlin was crying for freedom. Rick and I were helping free the few people we could, and get out of dodge.


Casablanca could not be made today. It was a pro-war film and Hollywood was full of patriotic actors and actresses, many of whose countries were being overrun by the Nazi's. Of course today, Hollywood is full of America hating actors and actresses who got more time on their hands than sense in their brains.

Ingrid Bergman is drop-dead gorgeous and makes you want to go back in time to meet her on the set. She is pure in the movie (only 26 at the time), and to have carnal knowledge of her in Paris would have been a lifetime thrill.

Casablanca is forever a timeless classic. It can never be properly redone to the original magic of Bogart and Bergman. Who cares if the airplanes were models, or if the entire picture was done in the back lots of Hollywood. I had never seen the movie in its entirety and it brought back many memories as if I had seen it ten times before.


Vive La Rouche at the PGH Breezeway on a Lazy Friday Afternoon

I ran into my good liberal friend Kurt and his liberal friends from the LaRouche Youth Movement who made their weekly trek to the Hoffman Hall breezeway to recruit UH's weak minded students who are unable to determine their own direction in life.

Kurt and the gang are not students on campus, but rather they languish off campus and depend on the good graces of gullible liberals who pay their living expenses with donations to the LaRouche Youth Movement. No word if they subsist on cat food and water, but Kurt does not look as if he is starving.

Kurt and his friends don't have a television, and he didn't watch the President's State of the Union address, so I did most of the talking this week. Kurt was soon overwhelmed and had to call in the reserves, yelping "hey, can I get some help over here."

I did manage to borrow the Sounding a Certain Trumpet DVD from Kurt without making a donation to the LYM, which I may watch for my movie review this week. The DVD was a Webcast recorded on Nov. 9, 2004, and with its playing time of 3hrs and 34min, I may just skim it.


UH Daily Cougar Report on Kids Math Competition Goes Against Liberal Mantra of "competition is bad for kids"

UH Senior Staff Writer Matt Cooper hurt his chances today of getting a cushy job at a liberal newspaper after he graduates by writing a pleasing to my eye article "UH hopes math contest multiples skills", which promotes ruthless competition between teenagers for cherished UH math scholarships.

The liberal mantra of "competition is bad for kids" cannot work here, because not every student competing will receive a valued scholarship just for participating. Won't the losers of the competition "get their feelings hurt" Matt? How come that was not addressed in the article.

I believe the competition losers will be strengthened, and be ready for the next time they compete.

I hope this becomes an annual event because their may be marked interest because of the new CBS television series "Numb3rs." I even watch this series because I'm fascinated on how mathematics works in our everyday world and how we can use mathematics to solve crime and everyday problems.

Thanks Matt for stepping out from under the door mat[t] of liberalism to publish this article.

And Kudos to Dante Eglin for finally commentating on something he knows about -- McDonalds.

Thursday, February 03, 2005


UH Daily Cougar News Staff Incapable of Writing "Positive News" Story on President Bush

The UH Daily Cougar's fourth news story today "Bush unveils strategy to reform Social Security," which happened to be about the President's 'State-of-the-Union' speech was for once positive. The only thing was that unlike The Daily Texan, and like 99.99% of the country's newspapers, the Cougar's coverage should have been its top news story.

I firmly believe the Daily Cougar News Staff looked at the newswires and picked the 'least positive' and shortest news story they could find about the President's speech and printed it.

I firmly believe that the Daily Cougar News Staff is incapable of writing anything "good" about President Bush much less Republicans in general. I venture to guess that the Cougar in the coming days will be make efforts to take apart the President's speech with its worthless columnist and unfavorable news stories.

I was proud to be an American last night when I heard President Bush's speech. When the President recognized the parents of Marine Sgt. Byron Norwood of Pflugerville, Texas, who was killed in the assault of Fallujah, we were looking at the face of the parents of all our honored dead.

When I saw the Iraqi woman voter Safia hug Mrs. Norwood, I was truly proud to be American.

The President's speech was truly uplifting, and I wanted to turn off the television once the presents speech was completed. I knew that Americans were about to be switched off from feeling "proud" to a feeling of being "shitty".

The Democrat Response and the Democratic Critics Janeane Garofalo and Ron Reagan, Jr. made me sick. 'Reagan Not A Junior' should stick to his AKC Dog Shows, which he is much better at than political commentary. Janeane Garofalo was an embarrassment to herself and as a representative for the liberal Democrats.

Screw the libs!

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