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Monday, January 31, 2005


UH Daily Cougar's Bean "Farting" the Liberal Line in today's worthless column

Renowned food lover Matthew P. Bean, a worthless UH Daily Cougar liberal columnist, has gone and stunk up the campus with his liberal tripe in todays 2nd editorial in the Cougar "Too soon to call Iraqi election a success". The Iraqi elections were a resounding success and demonstrate that the Iraqi voter is much braver that the average liberal voter in America who complains if a few voting machines are broken or if a liberal forgets where they vote and calls it "racism".

The success is not in the result of the Iraqi elections, but in just having the Iraqi elections. Liberals like Bean cannot grasp the idea.

Who cares if the Sunni Muslims did not vote in the numbers that were wished. They were given an opportunity to vote, and they will eventually make inroads into the political process.

Maintaining the same attitude Iraqi freedom hater Dante Eglin had a week ago, Matt Bean saw the negative in the Iraqi "ink stained finger." It was obvious that Bean, like most liberal reporters had written most of their so-called "stories" and "commentaries" even before the elections were held, and were waiting to fill in the holes with the worst news they could think to write.

When Bean is asked by his kid in the decade to come, "what did you do during the Iraq war Dad" for a school project. All "Fartman" will be able to come up with is, "Well, I wrote an article in my university newspaper doubting the success of the Iraqi nation and the American armed forces."

Screw the libs!

Bean needs to be 're-fried'.
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