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Thursday, January 27, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Staff Editoral on "Are gay characters to much for PBS cartoon?"

If your child is lucky enough to avoid abortion, the Daily Cougar Editorial Staff wants to expose your child to homosexuality as soon as possible. Their reasoning is to get all children exposed to homosexuality at an early age so homosexuality can flourish when your children grow into teens and young adults.

Instead of just answering "YES" to the title question of todays staff editorial, "Are gays characters to much for PBS cartoon?" the gays on the Daily Cougar Editorial Staff decided to get more technical. Instead of leaving the job up to Parents, the editorial supports the "remote control" method -- watch homosexual cartoons.

Their BOTTOM LINE: "Denying a fact of life doesn't do anything to foster tolerance."

What if child molesters were in the cartoon? Are we suppose to tolerate child molesters too?

This is what happens when 5% of the population tries to impose its will on the other 95%. The children of today will eventually learn of the stupidity of homosexuality, I myself tell my little nephews "don't look at or touch other boys 'wee-wees'".

Like the liberals, I believe in incrementalism too, except in this case it goes against the libs.

Screw the libs!

Liberal is as liberal does.
I wrote an article a while back for the Daily Cougar, found here:


Basically it was about the Women's Resource Center and a transvestite who gave an anti-Bush talk there.

The editors took out some of the more juicy stuff I wrote in it.

Anyway, so I got sick of being edited so much that I ended up forming my own blog at: http://www.WILLisms.com.
Conservatives rarely catch a break at the Daily Cougar. I wrote one commentary back in the my undergrad days, and it was published on a Friday, just before Spring Break. Plus they tore it apart.
how long ago was your commentary published? the cougar has changed a lot.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
I thought I gave the right information before. I'll have to think for a few minutes.
so you didn't write a commentary on a friday before spring break?
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