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Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Social Security Scaremongers at Hoffman Hall & a few things on Condi Rice's testimony

On my way to class today at Agnes Arnold Hall I always pass under Hoffman Hall which is for me the most direct route to AH from MD Anderson.

Unfortunately for me and the rest of the student body, the worthless liberals of the campus congregate there pimping their pet programs.

Todays liberal scaremonger group touted messing with the Social Security program will lead to a "Dying Granny". I told one of the liberals, "I don't buy your tripe."

Thankfully only a few students took those "white crackers" seriously. Three stupid white students who probably don't care about Social Security and just want to feel good about themselves by degrading the President. Next time I might stop and get information for more precise blogging.


Condi made the liberal senators at her confirmation hearing "shit" there pants and skirts. Sen. Boxer was degrading an African American and will not be critcized by the NAACP. Now if she was a Democratic, and Republicans were leveling the charges at Rice, this would be making front page headlines for a month.

I hate liberals for hating the greatness that our country presents, such as those the greatness exhibited by Condi Rice.

Screw the libs!

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