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Friday, January 21, 2005


See I told you so! The Daily Cougar reports on the lib and commie so-called 'protest' and they ignore the inauguration of President Bush

The Daily Cougar Staff are so predictable. I tell you, if the staff of the Daily Cougar ran the Houston Chronicle, the HC would have even less readership than it has right now, and they would be going broke even faster. The only reason why the lib clowns at the Daily Cougar have an audience is because the damn paper is given away for free everyday (a complete waste of the university's paper and electronic resources).

I can tell you that Ben Hill of the Daily Cougar Staff is going to get a little extra something from his Gay Lover to-nite. Perhaps a little artifical enhancement ('eh Ben) for doing the liberal cause good and sticking it to the Conservatives on campus.

The BY line should have read "Benny Hill" for all the laughs that Hill is getting from the Right for taking the libs and commies 'public fart' serious. Even the passersby thought it was an outrageous stunt from 'little babies' who can't stand to lose.

This is what happens when liberal parents from the 1960s raise liberal kids who were taught to be hurt, and when they do get hurt to 'cry out publicly' so they can get public sympathy.

I'm not falling for it.

Grow up liberals, and you to Ben Hill. Perhaps you, Keith Koski and John Axford (the effigie guys) should get together for a threesome later, but quit wasting valuable newsprint.

Do you realize that all the time and money wasted from that liberal gathering could have went to help the poor tsunami victims in Sri Lanka? How selfish of them; and there is still more to come.

Screw the libs!

Wow, somebody actually posted that piece of mail. I'd like to come to my own defense. I am the writer of the article about the protest, and got a laugh out of that letter, because I'm a registered Republican and voted for Bush in the past two elections. I'm also a Fox News junkie and a conservative Christian that works one of the larger churches in the Houston area. I cannot help but feel that I have been betrayed by the fringe of my own party when I get a letter like that one.
Here's how that story came to exist:
I showed up at the daily cougar office on the day designated to me in my advanced writing and reporting class. I was assigned to cover the protest not out of choice. We as reporters do not normally choose our assignments. Also, The Daily Cougar does not care about national news unless it effects the students of the University of Houston or is catastrophic in nature. Let's face it: the inauguration was a big party for a victorious president (which I think he had every right to throw), but the Cougar doesn't have much business covering it. There were plenty of other publications covering the inauguation (which I was unable to watch because I was out covering that story.) In short, the Cougar is supposed to report campus news, and little else. That's what I did in this article. You'll notice that I did not interview any of the protesters and I only posted comments by conservatives, or am I correct in assuming the writer of the letter did not actually read the article?
Look I apologize if you were offended by the post, but I saw it as enabling the leftist agenda.

Clearly there was no coverage of the Presidential inauguration as there had been in the past, at least some effort could have been made.
I'm sure that at least one UH student was on site, and his or her travels could have been chronicled in the Daily Cougar.

The excuse that the protest was local news to UH was not fair because its catalyst was not covered.

I know you feel caught up in this and I now feel more at ease with your background, but you had a right to refuse covering the story.

I know the story told both sides of the story, and it was fair and balanced. But if you give liberals and inch they take a mile, and a story with the groups name in the article is like give General George Patton a headline in the paper. 'You get 30 more miles of battlefield success.'

If you have any more comments or questions, please e-mail me at uhliberalhater 'at' budweiser.com.
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