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Friday, January 21, 2005


Professor Walther needs to learn some new tricks (Here boy! Good boy!)

Professor Eric Walther was asked a question from someone in the back row on Christopher Columbus -- was Columbus a Spanish mercenary or was a he an Italian mercenary?Walther directly answered that Columbus was an Italian mercenary.

At least a few people in the class believe he was wrong.

I know what the question was about. I remember a recent program on Columbus that suggested and convinced me that Columbus was not Genoan but actually from a Spanish mercanry family. Evidently the person that asked the question had watched the same program that I watched.

Columbus created the Genoan myth to convince the fortune and power hungry Spanish crown to back him on his quest to find a route to Asia. (Why would the Spanish crown support a mercenary that fought against the Spanish crown previously?)

Walther evidently has not heard of the new evidence on CC -- Columbus only wrote his letters in Spanish and it was comparable to the Spanish written of his time. Other evidence that he was of Spanish descent was ushered in and found quite convincing.

Some Professors are like old dogs, they can never learn new tricks (or in this case new knowledge).

Screw the libs!

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