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Saturday, January 15, 2005


The Nephews are over

Picked up my three nephews from my Sisters. The model, had to get his hair cut at a fancy place, but the littlest and the oldest wanted to tag along FOR THE WHOLE WEEKEND, or at least till Sunday morning when we go to Space Center Houston.

I think my Sister threw a party after Me and the Boys left for the haircut and the weekend.

I gave the two oldest my old laptop computer that is wireless capable. I put an education priority on the Boys laptop. Education comes first, which they totally understand then they can surf the net and play games. Of course I gave myself a new laptop for Christmas, which is why they got the old laptop.

They can print on printers and access the internet from both my house and theirs, and even access the internet free from their local libraries and coffeehouses (like they really drink coffee).

I had lost a wireless mouse earlier this month and got a replacement mouse at Best Buy. I made a deal with the two oldest nephews that when we got home if they found the mouse, they could keep it for their new laptop.

The oldest ran into my bedroom, and within ten seconds he had found the damn wireless mouse. I hadn't even walked into the house yet, and previously had searched for the mouse a minimum of two hours (right in the same area) before I went out and bought a new one.

Anyway, I really enjoy spending time with the Boys. They are great company and we have a lot of fun, especially when are camping in my motorhome.

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