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Monday, January 31, 2005


Liberals Mourning Successful Iraqi Elections

Katie Couric was in mourning this morning wearing her stunning black evening dress on the Today Show. Of course she was wearing a million dollar necklace. About the most exciting thing the TODAY SHOW could come up with was about was discussion about "Da Vinci's Studio?"

Meet the Press' liberal Russert could only muster John Kerry and talk about the Swift Boat Vets. Nothing good to say on the Iraqi elections.

CNN liberal reporters were laughing at the early low voter turnout in areas. Now whose laughing at the Communist News Network. Nothing good to say on the Iraqi elections.

Modern Kennedyian liberals are devastated. The doom and gloom offered by Senator Ted Kennedy did not materialize. Nothing good to say on the Iraqi elections.

And lastly, my sympathies to UH Daily Cougar columnist Dante Eglin, whose tripe "Still time to reconsider Iraqi election date" would still have "the Iraqi people lost in the tunnel of despair and away from pure self-determination as a people by hoping to delay their vote."

I look forward to the day when PTSD Iraqi Veterans start popping caps into liberal reporters and liberal protesters when they learn that those liberals wished for their total and utter destruction. I'm positive those Vets already know that they have been betrayed.

Hail to the Purple Right Index Finger.

Screw the libs!

Is the liberal press for real in trying to portray the Iraqi elections as just another day in Iraq?
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