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Friday, January 28, 2005


Hoffman Hall breezeway offers up only three liberal protesters the whole week

I had to wait till Friday, and it wasn't even worth the wait. Three liberal protesters spouting their tripe in regards to animal cruelty and social security being stolen.

One liberal named Kurt and his liberal friend, from the LaRouche Youth Movement, were out on a lazy Friday afternoon trying to spread his brand of liberalism. LaRouche's big thing right now is Social Security, but he does not give a damn about the environment. Their pamphlet "Bush's Social Security Privatization — Foot In the Door For Fascism," was being handed out.

I actually held an intelligent conversation with Kurt for about 10-minutes. But Kurt's argument, like all liberal tripe, was full of holes.

------------- on the other hand ---------------

One liberal from the Youth Vegetable Liberation Front was handing out a pamphlet. Obviously it was a ploy by the "Big Vegetable" lobby. The Vegan Outreach organization document was about ending cruelty to animals, and the document was honestly not that offensive.

Get this, on page 4, the libs actually have the audacity to describe and show a dumpster full of dead or dying male chicks who had been gassed or ground up alive. The liberals show this of the dead male chicks, but do not have any compassion for a human fetus which they gladly support sucking out of a woman's womb.

Screw the libs!

I suppose that the Big-Veggie lobby is not Pro-Choice when it comes to beef?
Another relevant article I wrote, on the LaRouchers:


And responding to the comment you made on WILLisms.com, yes, I do know Jim Parsons. He tries to play it fair, and even leans a little to the right on a lot of things. He's not what I'd call a liberal. But he and the other editors do over-edit sometimes. One article I wrote had the word "God" in it, and I believe he (or another editor) uncapitalized it, which was irritating.

-Will Franklin


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