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Thursday, January 13, 2005


Film Review - The Bostonians (Feminism felled?)

Checked out the DVD "The Bostonians" from MD Anderson. The 1984 movie is about the 19th Century Women's Movement, and stars Vanessa Redgrave as the mean evil liberal Olive Chancellor. She pays $5000 to the Father of Verena Tarrant (Madeline Potter) who is a most talented orator of the Women's Movement for her day.

The only problem is that only some women can live without mean evil men, and men are drawn to Verena, particularly the Southern cousin of Olive Chancellor, a lawyer Basil Ransom (Christopher Reeve).

Verena and Basil fall for each other, but Verena is always being influenced by the evils of the Women's Movement to stay unmarried and keep the Women's Movements pure. Verena's emotions become undone in the falling for the man.

Of course the man requires that she be beholding to them, and in the end she runs away with Ransom. Although in the end, half of the movement falls apart though it does still scrape along with the small rise of Olive at the movies end.

The theory that all feminist are ugly may not be true. I detected an aire of lesbianism since sexuality must be expressed in each of our lives, but this is 19th Century Boston, and Henry James's novel can only go so far with sexuality in the Victorian era.

I enjoyed the properness that 1870s Boston and New England portrayed. It reminded me of Agatha Christie's described settings for her Inspector Poirot's Mysterys -- at no time was there no gloominess or despair shown in any scene.

Over time women have given their own a mastectomy, and it is on their last legs. Hell, the NAGs (NOW) only have a membership of less than 300,000 -- and they saw 'we speak for all women'. Poppycock.

Although committed feminist were divided on the film - women need men, and I agree that its men's responsibility to care for a woman. Men need to stay with one woman -- men need to respect women. Unless of course they are mean evil liberal bitches.

Screw the libs!

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