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Monday, January 31, 2005


Giving terrorism and liberals the finger! - Blue Index Finger a Great Idea!

Someone posted a great idea to FreeRepublic.com for all those in America who care about freedom and want to show solidarity with the Iraqi people who voted.

All freedom loving Americans should INK THEIR RIGHT INDEX FINGER BLUE on Tuesday.

Of course we will not see any of the UH Daily Cougar staff or the Houston Chronicle with any ink own their sensitive white liberal fingers.

The Chronicle has already taken off the Iraqi election success off the front page on their website and given their attention to the people they support -- the insurgents.

For sure the Daily Cougar will not run anything supportive of the Iraqi elections. If they do, I'll eat a bowl of Lima Beans.

Hail to the Purple Right Index Finger.

Screw the libs!


Liberals Mourning Successful Iraqi Elections

Katie Couric was in mourning this morning wearing her stunning black evening dress on the Today Show. Of course she was wearing a million dollar necklace. About the most exciting thing the TODAY SHOW could come up with was about was discussion about "Da Vinci's Studio?"

Meet the Press' liberal Russert could only muster John Kerry and talk about the Swift Boat Vets. Nothing good to say on the Iraqi elections.

CNN liberal reporters were laughing at the early low voter turnout in areas. Now whose laughing at the Communist News Network. Nothing good to say on the Iraqi elections.

Modern Kennedyian liberals are devastated. The doom and gloom offered by Senator Ted Kennedy did not materialize. Nothing good to say on the Iraqi elections.

And lastly, my sympathies to UH Daily Cougar columnist Dante Eglin, whose tripe "Still time to reconsider Iraqi election date" would still have "the Iraqi people lost in the tunnel of despair and away from pure self-determination as a people by hoping to delay their vote."

I look forward to the day when PTSD Iraqi Veterans start popping caps into liberal reporters and liberal protesters when they learn that those liberals wished for their total and utter destruction. I'm positive those Vets already know that they have been betrayed.

Hail to the Purple Right Index Finger.

Screw the libs!


UH Daily Cougar's Bean "Farting" the Liberal Line in today's worthless column

Renowned food lover Matthew P. Bean, a worthless UH Daily Cougar liberal columnist, has gone and stunk up the campus with his liberal tripe in todays 2nd editorial in the Cougar "Too soon to call Iraqi election a success". The Iraqi elections were a resounding success and demonstrate that the Iraqi voter is much braver that the average liberal voter in America who complains if a few voting machines are broken or if a liberal forgets where they vote and calls it "racism".

The success is not in the result of the Iraqi elections, but in just having the Iraqi elections. Liberals like Bean cannot grasp the idea.

Who cares if the Sunni Muslims did not vote in the numbers that were wished. They were given an opportunity to vote, and they will eventually make inroads into the political process.

Maintaining the same attitude Iraqi freedom hater Dante Eglin had a week ago, Matt Bean saw the negative in the Iraqi "ink stained finger." It was obvious that Bean, like most liberal reporters had written most of their so-called "stories" and "commentaries" even before the elections were held, and were waiting to fill in the holes with the worst news they could think to write.

When Bean is asked by his kid in the decade to come, "what did you do during the Iraq war Dad" for a school project. All "Fartman" will be able to come up with is, "Well, I wrote an article in my university newspaper doubting the success of the Iraqi nation and the American armed forces."

Screw the libs!

Sunday, January 30, 2005


Will Post More Monday to Confound Liberals

Busy enjoying today with my Parents, Sisters, Brother-in-law, and Non-Aborted Nephews, and responding to so-called "comments" from 'smegma-tic' liberals.

If you haven't seen the Friday Night Lights DVD. Got to see it. A great lesson for athletes, who don't have an educational backup.

Saturday, January 29, 2005


A Few Random Thoughts - II

- If WWII were being fought today and the liberals were in charge; we would be speaking German, Japanese, and French within 2-3 years.

- Senator Ted Kennedy is an Al-Qaeda mole.

- Those offended by the word "liberal" are in themselves liberal.

- If Black Democrats can tolerate a former KKK member Democrat in the Senate, they can never find their true selves.

- The silence of the NOW gang and the NAACP during Secretary Rice's hearing, gives testament to why those organizations have outlived their usefulness.

- Once liberals stop putting themselves ahead of the concerns of the US and freedom overall, then they might win an election. (Don't worry, it will never happen).

- Voting is a two-sided issue for liberals; if it benefits them, then it's a good election; if it doesn't benefit them (like in Iraq), then it's a bad election.


"Adopt a Humvee" - Helping Armor Hummers in Iraq

DONATE TO "ADOPT A HUMVEE" at Lonestar Times. Click on the PayPal button.

You can also mail a check, payable to:

"Armor for the Troops"
Frost Bank
10333 Richmond Ave, Suite 100
Houston, Texas 77042

In just three days, in an idea from an e-mail that I sent Edd Hendee to have the Conservative public help pay for the parts to help armor-up the Hummers on ground in Iraq. The idea has EXPLODED, and is now getting national attention.

As I write this -- enough money has been donated to armor-up over 120 hummers for the US Marines. This morning, Ed Hendee was on Laura Ingraham. Conservatives please donate, because we know the liberals don't care. They will be getting to the Army soon.

JAN 25 2005, 10:05 AM
Houston Talk Radio Host Edd Hendee from 700 AM "The Voice" in Houston has been in Iraq for a little while actually reporting good news about our troops. He discovered that the Marines were having a hard time obtaining mounting kits for their armor plating for their HUMVEEs. With the Pentagon being a slow bureaucracy, Edd took it upon himself to see if he could solve the problem.

Ed made a call to his good buddy Danny Lee at Forgings, Flanges & Fittings Inc. in Houston, and they went right to work. The armor plating, which the troops have plenty of can be installed in the field, but the mounting kit was hard to come by.

Well, Houston reacts fast. As I write this, the mounting kits are in the air to Iraq, and even the fine Lisa Foronda at Channel 11 has already run a story on this last night at 5pm. If you think Lisa Foronda looks good on television, you've got to see her in person. But I digress.

I've sent a note to Edd Hendee inquiring about a benefit for FF&F. I think conservatives should throw them a party and make donations to help them recoup their cost.

Friday, January 28, 2005


Film Review - Death in Venice (1971) (How the hell was I suppose to know it was a guy?)

Checked out the DVD of Luchino Visconti's interpretation of Thomas Mann's 1910s era book "Death in Venice" from the MD Anderson Library. The 1971 movie "Death in Venice" is about an early 20th Century dying German composer (Mann wrote him as a scholar and historian) who goes to Venice on an extended rest. Gustav Aschenbach (Dirk Bogarde) is the reserved and civilized composer, and through a series of unfortunate events arrives in V-town looking for rest and pleasure.

Yes Aschenbach is down, but when spys a glimpse of the young Tadzio (Bjorn Andresen - the one time most beautiful boy in the world), of which in him Aschenbach has seen the "ideal classical beauty," his attention and desires become most gathered.
How the hell was I suppose to know that the seemingly attractive young looking girl on the DVD cover was actually a boy -- because it looked like a young girl to me.
Evidently, I did not read between the lines enough in reading the back cover,
"he glimpses someone who inspires him to give way to a secret passion, it foreshadows his doom."
Hell I was thinking more along the lines of Brooke Shields in "Pretty Baby," and thank goodness there was no nudity in this movie -- because I know I could not have handled the gay sex.

At the end of the first of many (unspoken) encounters, Aschenbach becomes obessessed with young Tadzio and regrets each time he encounters the young lad that he did not take some action to quell his inner desires.

Again thank goodness for self-control in Aschenbach, because young Tadzio with his body language at times was oozing his passion for a hidden encounter between the two to the point that when Tadzio gets out of an elevator he turns around to Aschenbach, practically wishing Aschenbach would get off the elevator and follow him to his room. Again thankfully that did not happen.

When Aschenbach suddenly decides to leave the resort (following his greatest chance for an encounter), he sees young Tadzio in the dining room, and both stop as to greet each other as if they know each other, but alas no words are spoken and Aschenbach leaves for Germany. When Aschenbach gets to the train station, he regrets not speaking to the young lad, and decides to stay on account of a luggage error. The train station also yields information about the growing Asiatic Cholera epidemic that is growing in Venice, which Aschenbach confirms in a confidential conversation with a local banker.

At this point, Aschenbach stalks young Tadzio with the lad's tacit approval, while Tadzio and his family tour Venice as it deteriorates beyond traditional description. He idealizes the young boy to the point of worship, even daydreaming of pleading a warning to Tadzio's Polish family of the dangers that Venice's siege of plague (not to mention that he actually touches the boy) -- thankfully all that was in his mind.

"Death in Venice" ends after Aschenbach (who had since gussied himself up with a new due and make-up), and follows young Tadzio to the beach for the last time. While Aschenbach is resting in a chair, Tadzio, who is playing with a friend becomes embroiled in a playfight that gets a little out of hand, thus raising Aschenbach's heart rate to the point of no return. Aschenbach begins the process of final death as he watches Tadzio walks off his humiliation in the evening surf. Tadzio's heroic pose sends Aschenbach off in death.


"Death in Venice" requires patience in viewing. If you walk away you have to pause it. I guess that's the way Thomas Mann wanted it -- and now I wonder if Mann placed himself in the Aschenbach world as a matter of practice for the character of Aschenbach.


Hoffman Hall breezeway offers up only three liberal protesters the whole week

I had to wait till Friday, and it wasn't even worth the wait. Three liberal protesters spouting their tripe in regards to animal cruelty and social security being stolen.

One liberal named Kurt and his liberal friend, from the LaRouche Youth Movement, were out on a lazy Friday afternoon trying to spread his brand of liberalism. LaRouche's big thing right now is Social Security, but he does not give a damn about the environment. Their pamphlet "Bush's Social Security Privatization — Foot In the Door For Fascism," was being handed out.

I actually held an intelligent conversation with Kurt for about 10-minutes. But Kurt's argument, like all liberal tripe, was full of holes.

------------- on the other hand ---------------

One liberal from the Youth Vegetable Liberation Front was handing out a pamphlet. Obviously it was a ploy by the "Big Vegetable" lobby. The Vegan Outreach organization document was about ending cruelty to animals, and the document was honestly not that offensive.

Get this, on page 4, the libs actually have the audacity to describe and show a dumpster full of dead or dying male chicks who had been gassed or ground up alive. The liberals show this of the dead male chicks, but do not have any compassion for a human fetus which they gladly support sucking out of a woman's womb.

Screw the libs!

Thursday, January 27, 2005


UH Daily Cougar Staff Editoral on "Are gay characters to much for PBS cartoon?"

If your child is lucky enough to avoid abortion, the Daily Cougar Editorial Staff wants to expose your child to homosexuality as soon as possible. Their reasoning is to get all children exposed to homosexuality at an early age so homosexuality can flourish when your children grow into teens and young adults.

Instead of just answering "YES" to the title question of todays staff editorial, "Are gays characters to much for PBS cartoon?" the gays on the Daily Cougar Editorial Staff decided to get more technical. Instead of leaving the job up to Parents, the editorial supports the "remote control" method -- watch homosexual cartoons.

Their BOTTOM LINE: "Denying a fact of life doesn't do anything to foster tolerance."

What if child molesters were in the cartoon? Are we suppose to tolerate child molesters too?

This is what happens when 5% of the population tries to impose its will on the other 95%. The children of today will eventually learn of the stupidity of homosexuality, I myself tell my little nephews "don't look at or touch other boys 'wee-wees'".

Like the liberals, I believe in incrementalism too, except in this case it goes against the libs.

Screw the libs!


Democrat KKK Senator Could No Longer Delay Rice as Secretary of State

Former KKK Member and current Senator Robert Byrd, Democrat from West Virginia, did the Democratic Party and the memory of Confederate President Jefferson Davis proud by trying his hardest to keep a Negress, Condi Rice, from becoming the next Secretary of State.

Unfortunately his efforts were thwarted when the Senate voted 85-13 yesterday and approved her nomination for the State Department post.

All those who voted against Rice were Democrats, most notably Senators Boxer, Kennedy and the KKK Senator "Sheets" Byrd. CBS Evening News could not bring themselves to identify the nawsayers as Democrats, but as "critics" of her Iraq policy.

Sorry "Sheets", this Black woman escaped from the White Liberal Plantation.

Screw the libs!

Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Senator Hillary Clinton speaking Right and Thinking Left on Abortion

If anyone believes that Senator Hillary Clinton actually means what she says on abortion, especially when its to the Right, they have to be crazy. Yes, she is setting herself up for a Presidential run in '08 by speaking to pro-life groups and other groups that are near the middle or right of center. Don't be fooled.

Listen not to Sen. Clinton's speeches. Watch how Sen. Clinton VOTES.

Senator Clinton is Pro alright -- Pro-Death to fetuses.

Screw the libs!


Cougar Red Should Be the Only Color on UH Campus

Derek Dickson does have a point today in his Daily Cougar opinion piece Maroon, burnt orange shame Cougar Red. I know that a lot of students on campus wear the UT and Texas A&M colors, I am sometimes guilty myself. And there is a simple explanation besides wearing the shirt in honor of a brother, sister, or cousin that may happen to go to that university.

The simple fact is that UH does not market its sportswear like the other universities do. When was the last time anyone walked into a local Wal-Mart and saw any UH gear on the racks. There are plenty of UT and A&M shirts, but never any UH shirts.

To get UH sports gear around here, you have to go to the College Store or the University Bookstore. The College Store has the UH Bookstore beat hands down, especially when you can get 3% off instantly.

Another reason can be that UT and A&M generally represent the state of Texas while UH represents our own little region, but that should not stop UH from reaching out and at least marketing to the general region in which we live. Good article.


Lack of Liberal Activists forces UH Daily Cougar to Cover Hot Dog Sale at Hoffman Hall

The UH Daily Cougar in searching for liberalism on display at the Hoffman Hall breezeway instead found capitalism on display: a hot dog sale. This must be very disconcerting to Jim Parsons and his reporters at the Daily Cougar.

It was great coverage for members of UH's Omega Delta Phi. ODP, a Hispanic fraternity, was under the breezeway at Hoffman Hall exercising their capitalists right and raising money so two deserving students who won't have to depend on the government as much for their higer education.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005


UH Liberal Profile - Phillip Crane Booth, ITV Manager



Phillip Crane Booth, the liberal UH Instructional Television Manager has a small kingdom (smaller than Monaco) in the stinking bowels of the MD Anderson library. Mr. Booth is a large girthed man who stands 6' over the regular peonic drudges at UH as if they were seven year olds.

To even approach the liberal Booth, you must slowly approach with head bowed, hat in hand, speaking softly as if you are one of his slaves, "Beggin' your pardon Master Booth sir, may I approach."

If you are lucky enough to be granted an audience with the liberal Booth, women must curtsey, men must bow. You must speak after being gestured to by the liberal Booth by a twist of his fingers, a raise of his eyebrows, or a "Yes, yes, why do you waist the valuable time of Mr. Booth," referring to his himself in third person.

When speaking to the liberal Booth do not raise your voice, do not look him in the eyes, you must kneel as if he were President Clinton himself.

If you are lucky enough to be responded to by the liberal Booth, do not question results, liberals are never wrong (yeah right). The liberal Booth has given you the final word, and whether you like it or not, you must accept the results. You have been addressed by the great liberal Booth.

In his small Kingdom, the liberal Booth is a lion, hear him roar.

Screw the libs!

Monday, January 24, 2005


UH Hoffman Hall Empty of Liberals; Good Day for UH

I could not believe it; the "Market Square" of ideas (Hoffman Hall) was free of liberal activist as I passed by on way to my 11:00 am class today; it was as if the libs had disappeared off the face of the Earth. Or,

They must have been tired with all the counter inaugural organisms they have been throwning with no one taking them seriously. That's it, they were spent. Or,

Maybe it was so cold today they could not stand to be outside, who knows.

I went back at 12:45 pm fully expecting some libs to be gathering for the 1 pm student run, but nothing. And after that forget it, the libs weren't spouting anything today.

The thing is that today is the most depressing day of the year according to a British researcher. So by the liberals not appearing at Hoffman today, perhaps:

- someone will not be depressed enough to committ suicide today by thinking their social security will not be there when they retire.
- someone will not be beat their wife or kids.
- someone will not cuss out their girlfriend or beat her upside the head.
- someone will not shake a crying baby or want to abort one.
- someone will not engage in 'road rage'.
- someone will not want to euthanize their grandma or grandpa.
- more students will actually read their assigned readings.
- more students will actually get to class on time and still more will show up to class at all.

It was a good day at the University of Houston; it was a good day.

Screw the libs!


UH Liberal in today's Daily Cougar - In effect "OK Guys, there is still time to go back to Saddam Hussein"

As time closes in for the people of Iraq to prove they want to be forever out of the shadow of Saddam Hussein, there are still people (liberals) thousands of miles away who know better. There are people, like UH Daily Cougar columnist Dante Eglin, writing tripe hoping to keep the Iraqi people lost in the tunnel of despair and away from pure self-determination as a people by hoping to delay their vote.

Eglin, who virtually has no chance of being car-bombed when he goes to the poles to vote for his fellow liberals on election day, does NOT want the Iraqi people to exercise a "newfound" right to vote. I was going to say "GOD" instead of "newfound," but I didn't want to offend the young Eglin thus destroying his self-confidence and thus submitting him to a life of "selling crack" and "pimping Ho's."

Iraqis will go to the polls. The only attempts to stop proceedings will come from the Insurgents and liberals like Dante Eglin. No one will stop the Iraqis from going. Yes, there may be violence and people will die, but that is a daily fact in Iraq at this point.

Dante Eglin, a stupid liberal, will never spend a day in an American military uniform, and will never get to experience newly freed peoples exercising their rights as citizens. I have liberated peoples before Dante. All you want to do is to keep peoples under your little thumb of "liberalism."

Screw the libs!

Sunday, January 23, 2005


Taking Comfort in the Steelers Demise - 2004 AFC Championship

My personal curse against the Pittsburgh Steelers is still in effect. Except for their Superbowl win in 1980 and their three previous Superbowl wins, the Steelers have still yet to win a Superbowl since.

I am still pissed over the controversial call over Mike Renfro's catch late in the third quarter which would have tied the 1979 AFC Championship game at 17-17. The only problem is that the call went against the then Oilers (now the Titans), and the Steelers went on to win 27-13.

Replay shows the call was more than likely good. But if the call would have went to the Oilers, they could have received the momentum to go on to win the game.

Case Closed Serrado. Now its the Texans turn to try their luck in the next few years.

Saturday, January 22, 2005


UH Liberal Hater's Creed

- I believe that the Houston area is a great place to live.
- I believe that the University of Houston is a fine institution of higher learning.
- I believe that UH is under the influence of way to many liberals.
- I believe that UH and Houston area liberals know not what they do.
- I believe in the calling to convert all liberals to a different form of thinking (you know).
- I believe that their should only one liberal professor on each campus of higher learning (to show him as the kook he or she is.)
- I believe that liberals are the most racist people.
- I believe that the neighborhoods surrounding UH were once fine upstanding neighborhoods and still can return to prominence.
- I believe in local Black and Hispanic conservatism.
- I believe that the Houston Veterans Medical Center is the finest hospital in the Houston area.
- I believe the Houston Texans will make it to the playoffs in 2005.
- I believe that UH liberals spread mental depression (no one in their mind can ever be happy).
- I believe I always end my professors evaluations with "if only his (or her) liberalism could be spread round the world, the world would be a better place". Yeah right.
- I believe Houston will never be as popular as San Antonio for a vacation.
- I believe Houston will never be more liberal than Austin.

- I believe that Texas is the greatest state in which to live.
- I believe that the University of Texas or Texas A&M look better on a resume.
- I believe that the urban populations of Texas are under the influence of way to many liberals.
- I believe that Texas liberals know not what they do.
- I believe that the Hispanic population in Texas is mostly Conservative and the first Hispanic governor of Texas will come into office this decade.
- I believe the first Hispanic governor of Texas will be Conservative.
- I believe in Texas that the Conservatives outnumber liberals 6 to 1.
- I believe that Texas is forever a Conservative state.
- I believe that Texas' was destined to be a nation and state.
- I believe that Texas is the most diverse and friendly state.

- I believe that the United States is the greatest nation on the face of the earth (and I don't fell bad about it.)
- I believe that the United States is mostly a Conservative nation with a liberal media.
- I believe that President G.W. Bush will be regarded as one of the greatest Presidents in line with Reagan, JFK, FDR, TR, Lincoln, Jefferson, and Washington.
- I believe that excess taxation strangles American productivity.
- I believe that one of the next two Presidents will be a Black conversative.
- I believe that a Black liberal will never be elected President.
- I believe that the liberal wing of the Democratic Party is on its last legs.
- I believe that big-whig liberals (i.e. Jesse Jackson's, the Clinton's, etc.) wish for doom and gloom among their constituents to keep them in power.
- I believe that liberals will never risk or sacrifice their lives to save yours.

- I believe that President Bush and NOT the United Nations (and especially NOT Kofi Annan), is the true maker of international legitimacy.
- I believe that the UN is a worthless, corrupt institution, and a waist of international taxpayer dollars.

- I believe that the war in Iraq conducted by President Bush (a Republican president) was justified preciously because it lacked UN approval. (France, Germany, and Russian conflicted of interest.)
- I believe that the Iraq war was multilateral. The participation of many other nations from Albania to the Ukraine shows the world was involved. The liberals say that just because wimpy France and Germany were not invoved does not make it unilateral.
- I believe that multilateralism does not mean the inclusion of France, Germany and the UN every time the United States needs to defend itself. (The US will NOT ask permission of the libs at the UN every time it needs to go to the restroom.)
- I believe the liberal James Carvell warned Saddam Hussein to hide his Weapons of Mass Desctruction before the United States invaded in 2003.
- I believe that the Iraq war was delayed purposely by France, Germany, Russia and the UN while Saddam moved his WMDs.
- I believe that the UN Oil-for-Food Program was totally corrupt in favor of France, Germany, Russia and the UN.
- I believe that the U.S. is legitimate in its use of force, while the French and Spanish should only surrender.
- I believe the U.S. is the most humanitarian nation on the face of the Earth.
- I believe a moderate can never take sides on an issue.
- I believe that President Bush and Prime Minister Blair have always told the truth in reference to Iraq.
- I believe that the intelligence that the US and Britain used to go to war was true.
- I believe that the WMDs have been moved from Iraq to a neighboring nation. Liberals can never realize this.
- I believe that liberals are naive on the Iraq terrorist connection to Al Qaeda.
- I believe that liberals are naive on all affairs foreign.
- I believe that liberals are naive on all affairs domestic.
- I believe that the prisoner abuse in Abu Ghraib was nothing compared to the chopping off of American prisoners heads by the insurgents. Liberals can never comprehend this.
- I believe that liberals believe that our soldiers deliberately target women and children.
- I believe that liberals believe that our soldiers abuse and kill Iraqis because they are racists.
- I believe that liberals deep down hope for the worst for our troops overseas.
- I believe that our troops are U.S. foreign policy. How can liberals support our troops.
- I believe that if President Bush would have lost in November 2004, the U.S. would have had a second civil war within two generations. There still might be one if we continue left.
- I believe that the liberals believe that we don't send our best and brightest to Iraq. Liberals believe that most of our troops are minorities and the poor.
- I believe that liberals believe that Iraq is a quagmire.
- I believe that liberals worked with the Vietcong to create a quagmire in Vietnam.
- I believe that liberals live for quagmire.
- I believe that liberals love American military loses. They consider Iraq is the Bush Vietnam.
- I believe that liberals loathed embracing Vietnam in supporting John Kerry for his Presidential run.
- I believe that liberal John Kerry is no war hero. Heroes support their buddies in combat. (Before, during, and after they go home).
- I believe that liberal John Kerry will never be commander-in-chief. Four months in a combat zone does not qualify him as a national security expert. (For Christ's sake, I have more time in a combat zone than he does - does that qualify me? I think not.)
- I believe that liberals who vote against troops or veterans should never be qualified for any office (not even dog-catcher).
- I believe that liberals will never believe in my holy trinity -- the father, son, and holy ghost.

- I believe the liberals holy trinity is NPR, CNN, and the New York Times.
- I believe that liberals Ted Kennedy, Tom Harkin, John Kerry, and all the DNC with continue to make fools of themselves.
- I believe that liberals will always run from the word "liberal."
- I believe that liberal Hillary Clinton will not win re-election to the Senate from NY.

Screw the libs!

Friday, January 21, 2005


A Few Random Thoughts - I

- The liberal Senators holding back the nomination of Condi Rice as Secretary of State is a testament to the liberals who want to hold all blacks on the White Liberal Plantation of politics.

- The President's second inaugural address stressing Freedom and Democracy scared the crap out of the libs. By bringing freedom and democracy to nations -- libs everywhere are losing even more power.

- How do I justify past abortions? Simple. They would have all been liberals anyway.

- Liberals can never stand the success of the United States. They can never take pride in our achievements. And if they continue, they will forever dishonor the memory of their parents and grandparents (the Greatest Generation).

- The vast majority of liberals can only succeed at the expense of the government.

- I don't hate liberals just to hate liberals. I hate liberals because they hate me and what America stands for.

Screw the libs!


Film Review - The Europeans (1979)

As a breather for Friday after my last class and lunch, and finally after having my brother buy my lunch for the first time in a long time -- quite a surprise since I just loaned him $200.00 last month for a trip to Las Vegas for a computer/porn convention.

At the library, I checked out "The Europeans," the prequel to "The Bostonians". Unfortunately, I wasn't as interested in The Europeans, and I fell asleep. Thankfully, I also checked out Ben Hur. I had just been reading about General Lew Wallace, who was also Governor of the New Mexico territory appointed by President Garfield. I was hoping to check out Casablanca, but the House of Hur is a great substitute. Thankfully the libs haven't succeeded in getting this movie banned at Easter time yet, and may they never get it banned.


Professor Walther needs to learn some new tricks (Here boy! Good boy!)

Professor Eric Walther was asked a question from someone in the back row on Christopher Columbus -- was Columbus a Spanish mercenary or was a he an Italian mercenary?Walther directly answered that Columbus was an Italian mercenary.

At least a few people in the class believe he was wrong.

I know what the question was about. I remember a recent program on Columbus that suggested and convinced me that Columbus was not Genoan but actually from a Spanish mercanry family. Evidently the person that asked the question had watched the same program that I watched.

Columbus created the Genoan myth to convince the fortune and power hungry Spanish crown to back him on his quest to find a route to Asia. (Why would the Spanish crown support a mercenary that fought against the Spanish crown previously?)

Walther evidently has not heard of the new evidence on CC -- Columbus only wrote his letters in Spanish and it was comparable to the Spanish written of his time. Other evidence that he was of Spanish descent was ushered in and found quite convincing.

Some Professors are like old dogs, they can never learn new tricks (or in this case new knowledge).

Screw the libs!


See I told you so! The Daily Cougar reports on the lib and commie so-called 'protest' and they ignore the inauguration of President Bush

The Daily Cougar Staff are so predictable. I tell you, if the staff of the Daily Cougar ran the Houston Chronicle, the HC would have even less readership than it has right now, and they would be going broke even faster. The only reason why the lib clowns at the Daily Cougar have an audience is because the damn paper is given away for free everyday (a complete waste of the university's paper and electronic resources).

I can tell you that Ben Hill of the Daily Cougar Staff is going to get a little extra something from his Gay Lover to-nite. Perhaps a little artifical enhancement ('eh Ben) for doing the liberal cause good and sticking it to the Conservatives on campus.

The BY line should have read "Benny Hill" for all the laughs that Hill is getting from the Right for taking the libs and commies 'public fart' serious. Even the passersby thought it was an outrageous stunt from 'little babies' who can't stand to lose.

This is what happens when liberal parents from the 1960s raise liberal kids who were taught to be hurt, and when they do get hurt to 'cry out publicly' so they can get public sympathy.

I'm not falling for it.

Grow up liberals, and you to Ben Hill. Perhaps you, Keith Koski and John Axford (the effigie guys) should get together for a threesome later, but quit wasting valuable newsprint.

Do you realize that all the time and money wasted from that liberal gathering could have went to help the poor tsunami victims in Sri Lanka? How selfish of them; and there is still more to come.

Screw the libs!

Thursday, January 20, 2005


"Hubris" is the new "Gravitas" - the libs display their stupidity in their lockstep

The liberals got their daily fax marching orders from the DNC and the new word to describe President Bush is "hubris." Hubris, which means an "overbearing pride or presumption."

Obviously liberals such as NBC's Tim Russert, Lanny Davis, David Gergen, Gwen Ifill, Mack McLarty, Ken Duberstein, Eleanor Clift, presidential historian Richard Shenkman, and Jim Pinkerton got the word, and all used the word in their most recent appearances in describing President Bush.

The libs and commies are so stupid to think that smart and thinking people (not the non-thinking people the libs vote pander to) are not listening to multiple news sources. The liberals are the true mind-numbed robots they have been trying to portray conservatives as since the libs gladly kneeled for former President Clinton's (as if he were John Holmes himself) droppage of semen into a grateful and aroused open-mouthed Democratic Party (the porn actress.) (Could you imagine ugly libs in a porn film?)

The United States is a hubris nation. Thanks to the Maha-Rushie for this tidbit of info.

Screw the libs!


UH's Butler Plaza is full of stupid Liberals and Commies protesting the Inauguration of President Bush

Man I went through a hail of libs and communist in Butler Plaza, between the MD Anderson Library and Hoffman Hall. Undoudtedly, this is going to make news tomorrow in the Daily Cougar -- 'eh Mr. Liberal Editor.

Of course, instead of true inuguration coverage in DC, we will get a load of libs and communist protesting the greatness of our country, I can hear it now.

The effigies of Bush were out in force as the libs and communist combined forces in letting their cry baby voices be heard.

Even my history professor wanted to join the protest. He evidentally is a big liberal.

Five will get you ten that the liberal editor of the Daily Cougar will make the lib and communist protestors his headline news story while he completely ignored the inauguration today.

Screw the liberal editor of the Daily Cougar. He will get his one day, don't worry about that.

Screw the libs!


The Daily Cougar Staff - The Suckiest Liberals on the UH Campus

Thank goodness the UH Daily Cougar is not America's newspaper of daily record, because you would have not even known that President Bush was being inaugurated today for his second term in office. The Daily Cougar staff are pure liberal scum.

The Daily Cougar about had an organism in reporting Clinton's inauguration in
1993 and 1996. Bush got modest coverage in 2000, but in 2005, Bush didn't even get recognition on America's day to celebrate democracy in action.

But hey, guess what. The liberals at the Daily Cougar may tell you, "Hey, we're about student news", which is a load of liberal hen crap.

Screw the libs!


Liberal Media protects Al-Qaeda's interest

Just as the liberal media helped the Vietnamese walk away from the peace table following the American forces victory after the Tet Offensive. They are desperately trying the same thing with their reporting on Iraq today.

When was the last time the liberal media reported a good story on Iraq, or Bush for that matter.

LTC Ryan is so correct in his recent article, and the liberal media are girly men in their false reporting.

During Condi Rice's time being grilled by the libs I was dumbfounded at the senators worried about our treatment of the prisoners. FORGET THAT!

What about the insurgents who CHOP OFF THE HEADS OF AMERICAN PRISONERS! Do liberals actually think before they act? I think not.

Screw the libs!

Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Way to go LTC Ryan (a kick-ass soldier in Iraq), while the Cowardly Media reports from their hotel rooms

LTC Ryan wrote a kick-ass real article on the real situation in Iraq. As one who had to celebrate a birthday during Desert Storm, I have seen war. It is not pretty but it is totally necessary for our country win each and every conflict we are forced to engage in.

LTC Ryan exposes the media covering the conflict in Iraq for the cowards they truly are. Watching CBS Evening News each and every night, you would venture to guess the United States that we are losing the war.

I hate liberals. Thank God Bush in '04, or I would have wasted my first liberal by now.

Screw the libs!


Professor W.W. Barnes Smokey Ears

Today was the end of the first classes for all of us. Well maybe, except for those who wish to suffer through 3-hours in one sitting. Anyway, the most liberal professor I have so far is one William W. Barnes who sarcastically pronounced "W" as our fearless leader.

Barnes is my PoliSci professor, a portly fellow, unfortunately shares the same name as the famed English poet.Barnes is a King among himself, and the students in his class fear being thrown out of the class if they cough the wrong way or to the dungeons if their cell phone rings. This visiting professor is ruler of the roost in Agnes Arnold, Auditorium 2, during the hours of Noon and 2:30PM on Mondays and Wednesdays.If you piss King Barnes off, he will come down on you like Sheila Jackson Lee firing an aide, or running over someone to get to a TV camera. Steam will blow out of King Barnes' ears.

This liberal, will tell you don't eat fattening hamburgers, but gladly eats them himself, hence his portliness. This liberal will tell you don't smoke, but will gladly light up himself, hence his arrogant voice.

Screw the libs!


Odd Days are For Christians at Hoffman Hall Breezeway

Passing through Hoffman Hall today I saw nothing but Lovers of the Lord. The UH Christians on Campus group were out repenting for their previous sins and promoting the Lord in all his glory. I might even show up for the dinner they have scheduled for this Saturday. Might be a cool way to meet Christian chicks.

Screw the libs!

Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Social Security Scaremongers at Hoffman Hall & a few things on Condi Rice's testimony

On my way to class today at Agnes Arnold Hall I always pass under Hoffman Hall which is for me the most direct route to AH from MD Anderson.

Unfortunately for me and the rest of the student body, the worthless liberals of the campus congregate there pimping their pet programs.

Todays liberal scaremonger group touted messing with the Social Security program will lead to a "Dying Granny". I told one of the liberals, "I don't buy your tripe."

Thankfully only a few students took those "white crackers" seriously. Three stupid white students who probably don't care about Social Security and just want to feel good about themselves by degrading the President. Next time I might stop and get information for more precise blogging.


Condi made the liberal senators at her confirmation hearing "shit" there pants and skirts. Sen. Boxer was degrading an African American and will not be critcized by the NAACP. Now if she was a Democratic, and Republicans were leveling the charges at Rice, this would be making front page headlines for a month.

I hate liberals for hating the greatness that our country presents, such as those the greatness exhibited by Condi Rice.

Screw the libs!


First Day Back at School

Sorry for not posting over Sunday and Monday. I was in deep observance of the MLK Holiday. Yeah right!

Got back on campus early today, and I'm eagerly awaiting for the first liberal to force their lifestyle on me so I can tell him off.

Liberals are the rulers of the campus. I'm surprised they haven't started killing conservatives, since they take such pleasure of disposing of fetuses as if they were Jews on their way to the gas chambers.

The days still early, so there might be more news.

Screw the libs!

Saturday, January 15, 2005


The Nephews are over

Picked up my three nephews from my Sisters. The model, had to get his hair cut at a fancy place, but the littlest and the oldest wanted to tag along FOR THE WHOLE WEEKEND, or at least till Sunday morning when we go to Space Center Houston.

I think my Sister threw a party after Me and the Boys left for the haircut and the weekend.

I gave the two oldest my old laptop computer that is wireless capable. I put an education priority on the Boys laptop. Education comes first, which they totally understand then they can surf the net and play games. Of course I gave myself a new laptop for Christmas, which is why they got the old laptop.

They can print on printers and access the internet from both my house and theirs, and even access the internet free from their local libraries and coffeehouses (like they really drink coffee).

I had lost a wireless mouse earlier this month and got a replacement mouse at Best Buy. I made a deal with the two oldest nephews that when we got home if they found the mouse, they could keep it for their new laptop.

The oldest ran into my bedroom, and within ten seconds he had found the damn wireless mouse. I hadn't even walked into the house yet, and previously had searched for the mouse a minimum of two hours (right in the same area) before I went out and bought a new one.

Anyway, I really enjoy spending time with the Boys. They are great company and we have a lot of fun, especially when are camping in my motorhome.

Friday, January 14, 2005


Senator Kennedy on Senator Osama Obama

At a National Press Club luncheon recently fatso Senator Kennedy of Massachusetts could not properly say Barack Obama instead calling him intially Osama Bin Laden, then Osama Obama, then just giving up entirely.

I respect Obama for the current time. He was the son of a goat herder for Christ's sake. (But if he turns really liberal, I will turn against him as well).

I do not respect Senator Kennedy. He was the son of an extremely rich man. (Senator Kennedy probably has not sweated more than five times in his whole life). Hence his extreme fatness.

Kennedy's speech was an "Obamanation." Obama has been in the Senate but a couple of days, and already has more class than Kennedy who has been in the Senate for more than 40 years.

Screw Kennedy. And if Obama turns out to be a real liberal -- then screw him too.

Screw the libs!

Thursday, January 13, 2005


Film Review - The Bostonians (Feminism felled?)

Checked out the DVD "The Bostonians" from MD Anderson. The 1984 movie is about the 19th Century Women's Movement, and stars Vanessa Redgrave as the mean evil liberal Olive Chancellor. She pays $5000 to the Father of Verena Tarrant (Madeline Potter) who is a most talented orator of the Women's Movement for her day.

The only problem is that only some women can live without mean evil men, and men are drawn to Verena, particularly the Southern cousin of Olive Chancellor, a lawyer Basil Ransom (Christopher Reeve).

Verena and Basil fall for each other, but Verena is always being influenced by the evils of the Women's Movement to stay unmarried and keep the Women's Movements pure. Verena's emotions become undone in the falling for the man.

Of course the man requires that she be beholding to them, and in the end she runs away with Ransom. Although in the end, half of the movement falls apart though it does still scrape along with the small rise of Olive at the movies end.

The theory that all feminist are ugly may not be true. I detected an aire of lesbianism since sexuality must be expressed in each of our lives, but this is 19th Century Boston, and Henry James's novel can only go so far with sexuality in the Victorian era.

I enjoyed the properness that 1870s Boston and New England portrayed. It reminded me of Agatha Christie's described settings for her Inspector Poirot's Mysterys -- at no time was there no gloominess or despair shown in any scene.

Over time women have given their own a mastectomy, and it is on their last legs. Hell, the NAGs (NOW) only have a membership of less than 300,000 -- and they saw 'we speak for all women'. Poppycock.

Although committed feminist were divided on the film - women need men, and I agree that its men's responsibility to care for a woman. Men need to stay with one woman -- men need to respect women. Unless of course they are mean evil liberal bitches.

Screw the libs!


Maureen Dowd wanting a man?

I find Maureen Dowd attractive, but she is also a liberal. I know she cannot be a happy person. No liberal can ever be happy.

I'm a conservative. I'm not the most handsome or richest guy, but I can say for sure that I am much happier any liberal out there.

Liberals thrive off our misery. If someone is not suffering, they are not doing their job. Hence, we have the Jesse Jacksons, and Al Sharptons, and their enablers such as the Clinton's and the DNC.

If Maureen Dowd finds a man and actually becomes happy, then the NOW (or NAG, as Rush points out) movement is worthless. The premise being that women can be happy without the influence of men in their lives.

Maureen, I hope you find a man that makes you happy. Even Ron Silver, a liberal, has seen the error of his ways -- coming to the point of speaking at the 2004 Republican National Convention. Maureen, maybe a man can help you find the error of your ways.

Screw the libs!

Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Where is the peoples justice in the Liberal media?

I am not very surprised that the liberal media has not heralded the indictment of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's former finance director David Rosen. Rosen, who has been indicted on charges of filing fictitious reports that misstated contributions for a Hollywood fund-raising gala for the bitch, has been relegated to the back pages of major newspapers and Liberal newsstations.

You can bet your ass, if Rosen were a Republican, the story would have knocked the Tsunami story right off the front pages, and there would hardly be any donations to the tsunami cause at all.

The indictment charges the bitches former finance director purposely mislead the Federal Election Commission in reference to a Aug. 12, 2000 dinner and concert that cheated the government.

I am sick and tired of the liberal media, and their total disregard for not properly informing the public on the misdeeds of liberals.

Screw the libs!

Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Triumph of the Libs?

I checked out Leni Riefenstahl's DVD Triumph of the Will from the MD Anderson Library at UH today. I had to drop off an old laptop to Brother C so he could refurbish it for my nephews in Conroe, so I ran into the library to see if anything interesting was on the racks. Reifenstahl, as many Libs will not know, was Adolf Hitler's filmmaker, and if I'm not mistaken she died just recently at over 100 years of age.

Triumph of the Will is total propaganda just as the 2004 Democratic National Convention was -- total hogwash to make the party look good and brainwash the public before the Jews were sent to the gas chambers.

Got my first hand accounts of liberals since the end of last semester when I got back on campus today -- the GAY guys in the library that Brother C works with. I'm surprised they haven't made a pass at Brother C.

Between now and the first of next week, I need to gradually re-adjust to seeing libs on a daily basis. Those people are so warped and one sided -- sort of like the people in Triumph of the Will.

Screw the libs!

Monday, January 10, 2005


Harris County Bible Display Removal

I saw on Channel 11 News today about the removal of 'The Bible' in front of the old Harris County Courthouse in downtown Houston. The bitch who filed suit against the The Bible, Kay Staley - kays@hal-pc.org, is a Houston Real Estate agent, and deserves to 'burn in Hell', or at least live in a 'humanly hell' - since she probably doesn't believe in Hell. I personally hope she goes broke.

What pisses me off is that most of the people who work in the damn building didn't even know of the bible's existence or didn't mind it, and until the bitch Staley came along and filed suit - no one was ever offended.

I'm not that religious, but when I hear of people trying to take religion out of our growing secular society I get really pissed - our country was founded on religion, and we've gotten along well time now.

Thank God 'W' won last November because I was about to turn rebel - the likes of the Americans vs. the British on their return to Boston from Lexington and Concord. Staley would have been marching with the British, and its hard to tell if she would have survived the march back to Boston.

I just hope someday that someone starts taking 'serious action' against stupid liberals like Kay Staley who want to further destroy our society. I won't give a second thought about a wasted liberal.

Here is the bitch's website. http://www.hireba.org/kaystayleyrealestate/

What's next - posting The Qur'an in place of The Bible. Will that make the bitch Staley happy?

Screw the libs?

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